A Good Day to Die Hard Review


Alright, so this review is just a bit overdue since A Good Day to Die Hard has been out for quite some time now, but I’ve had other things to do so deal with it! Ok, that was mean, don’t leave. I’m sorry. I love you…now it’s awkward… Moving on.

Was another Die Hard movie really needed? Yes it was. I mean, Bruce Willis can still run around and be a badass while killing 900 bad guys without reloading a single weapon, so why shouldn’t there be another Die Hard movie?

bruce willis A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD A Good Day to Die Hard Review

First off, if you’re one of those people who can’t go see a movie without pointing out every single inaccuracy, stop reading. If you’re one of those people that go into an action movie, and will not accept the fact that the hero can basically do anything he wants to do without dying, stop reading, because A Good Day to Die Hard is not the movie for you.

For those of you that decided to stick around, this is your final warning, be absolutely sure that you are action movie fans/have a pretty good sense of humor. If you think cheesy 80’s action movies are excellent movies, the A Good Day to Die Hard your kind of movie.

By no means would it be up for any award. The acting is mediocre at best, besides Bruce Willis because Bruce Willis is the man. Jai Courtney, Jack McClane, gives a borderline passive performance at some points. He does a good job in the weapon slinging action department, but lacks a bit in the portraying emotion aspect of it.

diehard5featured A Good Day to Die Hard Review

The plot is alright. Definitely nothing that would get the attention of the Academy, but it’s enough to keep the story moving along. There are nice twists and turns here and there to make it more entertaining. The father son aspect of it was a bit cliché, which was the most disappointing part of it for me.

Other than A Good Day to Die Hard lacking… some of the most important parts of a movie… the action is down right sheer awesomeness. The movie opens up with a small amount of plot build up, then about 10 minutes later there’s an epic car chase with vehicles that are definitely not made to weave in and out of traffic. The chase lasts much longer than anticipated, and is filled with insanely outrageous vehicle maneuvers that defy almost everything science has deemed possible. To top it all off, it causes the most destruction possible. Your jaw will drop a couple of times from what is happening before your eyes.

 A Good Day to Die Hard Review

The movie continues on like this until the end. It’s just constant build up. There is very little downtime between action scenes to provide the audience with the most amount of extreme entertainment. It’s just awesome gun battles, followed by sarcastic/a-hole one-liners, followed by massive explosions. The action scenes in this movie should be what all crazy action movies should use as a base.

If you haven’t seen A Good Day to Die Hard yet, now is the time. If you love those over the top action movies, this is the movie for you.

rating 7 A Good Day to Die Hard Review



G.I.A. Rating: 7/10

MPAA Rating: R

Runtime: 98 Minutes

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