Act of Valor


Prepare yourself for the ultimate modern war movie.  Act of Valor is non-stop action combined with thrilling camera movements and insane angles.

Act of Valor stars active duty Navy SEALs, making it one of the most accurate war movies I’ve seen in quite some time. Of course there are the Hollywood twists in the movie to keep the audience pleased, like hand grenades blowing up like Howitzer shells filled with nitro glycerin, but they way they clear rooms, their lingo, and the weapons they use is awesome to see on screen by trained professionals. Wait not trained professionals, they better, they’re f$@kin’ SEALs.

 Act of Valor

Bad ass SEALs

There are two things I noticed that could have been better. First was the CGI. Even things as simple as putting something on the screen of a phone seemed to bit amateur-like. Another thing that could have been better was the acting. There are times when you’ll get shot out of the whole being sucked into the movie experience because someone is delivering some unconvincing line.

With that said, here are some excuses that are the reasons for those foul ups. First up, the CGI. With what they saved on CGI they seemed to put into in-camera special effects. There was an abundance of awesome real explosions, real destruction, and real gunfire, well you know, with blanks. All of the action was accurate to actual military techniques, which makes sense, considering their entire marketing campaign revolved around the realness of the movie. The second was the acting, seriously people, they’re trained soldiers, not actors. The SEALs chosen for this movie did a great job portraying battle as accurately as Hollywood would allow. They are by no means trained actors, and it will stand out at multiple parts throughout the movie. If you keep it in mind and give them a little break, the acting is bearable, because you know the next amazing action sequence is coming right up.

 Act of Valor

Next action sequence in 3…2…1….

Moving onto the plot. The story of Act of Valor is pretty simple. Terrorist group wants to attack the U.S., this SEAL team has to track them down and stop them. It kind of goes into the lives of the SEAL team, some more than others, without giving too much detail about them and taking away from the story line.

A lot of reviews circulating around the internet machine badmouth this movie as military propaganda and complain about the “horrid” acting. To those people, all I have to say is…no. (I don’t want to ruin the PG-13 rating of the G.I.A.) Most people were very over critical about the acting during Act of Valor, forgetting that the pay off for not having grade A or even B acting was the grade A action sequences. Try a little give and take people. As for the military propaganda, if you don’t want to see a military movie…don’t go see a military movie?

 Act of Valor

Get it? Got it? Good.

If you love combat and military movies, this is a definite see. If you are hesitant about the mixed reviews, save some money, then at the very least, wait to rent it. It is by no means a combatant with something like Black Hawk Down drama wise, but you will experience every type of emotion you are capable of, even with the acting the way it is.


7 Act of Valor



G.I.A. Rating: 7/10

MSRP Rating: R

Runtime: 110 minutes

More information on Act of Valor can be found on their website at

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