The Amazing Spiderman


After an awesome year for Marvel (more like years really) I was looking forward to this new take on Spiderman. Let me first say that I have only seen bits and pieces of the trilogy that came out starting in 2002 and I admit I’m not as familiar with Spiderman as I should be, but I knew what the average GIA Field Trainee should know, and after a slew of impressive movies from Marvel studios, I knew it wouldn’t be anything short of amazing.

 The Amazing Spiderman

Amazing, wires included!

And it was. Everything about this film is impressive – from the music to the acting to the plot to the action sequences to the camera shots – I actually found myself in awe and felt multiple rushes of adrenalin during the web slinging sequences, it literally feels like you’re following Spiderman through the Manhattan skyline. My jaw would continue to drop throughout the movie. In my opinion, it really couldn’t have been any better made.

I have to admit the portrayal of Peter Parker in this movie is a bit more of a bully than he truly is. The die-hard Spiderman fans seem to be upset at that little addition, however, I found it incredibly entertaining. He has an element of sarcasm that gives the movie a subtle and refreshing humor factor. It kind of portrays how the average person would act if they were a superhero. There are also other additions to the film that were not in the comic book. But let’s be honest, if they made it to the exact specifications as the comic book, it wouldn’t appeal to the large audience.

OH! and no big deal, before the movie started, THE DIRECTOR Marc Webb made an appearance to introduce the movie and say thanks for watching! Apparently he only lives a couple of blocks away from the theater we were at.

webb The Amazing Spiderman

Marc…Webb? How fitting.

Anyway back to the movie review, The Lizard was an excellent choice for a villain. Rhys Ifans does an excellent job of portraying the arc of a genuine person descending into lunacy. Andrew Garfield as Spiderman? Really? Well, thank you for proving me wrong. He did an excellent job of balancing the geeky student/photographer and web slinger. Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacey…Emma Stone. As for Denis Leary, it is kind of unusual to see him in a non-sarcastic a-hole role, not that he can’t act, he rocked the role of Capt. Stacey, I guess I just need to stay away from his stand up, but anyway awesome job Denis.

 The Amazing Spiderman

Not the same Denis you see before you

Bottom line, The Amazing Spiderman is a summer must see. Even though Sony is loosing the rights to Spiderman, I hope Marvel Studios will make a sequel with the same cast and crew. They blew the old trilogy out of the water.

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