Angry Birds: Star Wars – Review

For those living under a rock, you may be missing out on arguably the best smart phone/tablet game. Angry Birds: Star Wars edition.

Through all of the cartoons, merchandising, various versions, and cross-promotion, by now we’re all familiar with Angry Birds. The adorable birds have been seeking vengeance against those egg stealing pigs for years now. Having played the game since it’s first release, I can safely say a sizable chunk of my life has been playing this silly little game. A simple concept of throwing the birds at pigs has proven to be an addicting (and oh so frustrating) puzzle game that is appearing to stand the test of time. Re-introduced with Angry Birds RIO and Angry Birds Space, they keep re-inventing the wheel in successful ways. Just when I was getting sick of playing relatively the same game each season, I began to explore other options, but then they introduced the Star Wars edition.

Angry Birds Star Wars Wallpaper angry birds 32422194 1920 1200 300x187 Angry Birds: Star Wars   Review

Boom. Game changer.

Uh, you can play as a Han Solo bird and shoot the pigs with his blaster!
You can throw Chewbacca bird and take out everything in your path!
Obi-Wan bird uses the force to push the obstacles out of his way!

So cool.

With these simple additions to the familiar birds it creates a whole new experience. Coupled with the fact that these additions are stemmed from probably the best trilogy of all time. So far they are touching the hearts of the “Original Trilogy” Star Wars fans and haven’t bothered much with those prequels yet (but I’m sure those will come in a future update).

Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay 300x164 Angry Birds: Star Wars   Review

Currently you can explore the stories of Tatooine, the Death Star, and Hoth. We come across recognizable sets, events, and other elements such as Tie-Fighters, AT-AT’s, and Emperor Palpatine. Each level you find new easter eggs to the Star Wars franchise and the inner-geek in you will feel a sense of giddy. The game also does a great job of introducing new characters and new abilities throughout the journey. (Worried you wouldn’t be able to play as R2d2 or C3PO? Check out the bonus levels!) Oh, and having trouble finishing a level? Call on the MILLENIUM FALCON to come and save the day (ala A New Hope’s final battle).

Angry Birds Gameplay 300x179 Angry Birds: Star Wars   Review

One of my favorite additions was the concept of boss levels. We actually get to face the Darth Vader Pig at the end of the Death Star levels, while traveling through the trenches of the Death Star itself. We ride on top of the Millenium Falcon as we escape an asteroid and beat the Exogorth Pig. All to the comforting music of John William’s famous score.

Somehow Rovio became the luckiest game developer in the world as mere months after the games release, LucasFilm announced their sale to Disney, and Disney announce their plans to make a boatload of more Star Wars movies. Rovio is about to cash in (because they really need the extra marketing…) on one of the most talked about upcoming movie sequel series.

The game is Free, or you can pay .99 cents for the ad-free version. For 1.99 you can unlock another series of levels called “The Path of the Jedi” which unlocks a new lightsaber and allows you to train on Dagobah. Though the Jedi levels are available if you can score 3-Stars on all of the Tatooine and Death Star levels. Best of luck. Cloud City is the next rumored update, and I personally can’t wait.



10 Angry Birds: Star Wars   Review



GIA Rating: 10/10

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