It’s not a trick… or an illusion, Arrested Development Season 4 is here.


If you haven’t completed watching the whole new season of Arrested Development…C’mon! Well, you’re probably one of those people that has a life and likes to go out and do stuff (watch out, we got a badass over here). So, regardless if you’ve seen it or haven’t, here’s a review.

As a big fan of the original Arrested Development series, I was literally counting down the days to the series premier. I completely vegged out and sacrificed sleep to re-watch seasons 1-3 the previous week. That just goes to show how much I was anticipating the new season… or shows how sad my life is, but whatever.

After years of waiting and wishing the rumors of a new season were true, I finally got to turn on Netflix and look at that amazing “New Episodes” beacon on the cover of Arrested Development. I braced myself for what was to come, and hoped that it would live up to the original. Sadly, the TV god’s decided to start the new season with a cold bi**h slap to the face with their unforgiving backhand. But luckily after a bit they realized what they had done, and made an offering.  arrested development netflix cross de rossi Its not a trick... or an illusion, Arrested Development Season 4 is here.

I absolutely love TV and movies, and have even been blessed enough to work on a couple of shows. I also enjoy making shorts in my free time, so I tend to analyze everything that goes on the screen, coloring, camera angles, lighting, sound, and all that fun stuff. One of the first things that seemed particularly unusual was the lighting of the pilot. I don’t know if they were much more low budget for the pilot than they were for the rest of the series, but wow. I’ve seen better lighting in pornog–… well I’ve seen better lighting. Some scenes were dark, and it seemed as if the director just said “meh, we’ll fix it in post” and just simply forgot. It was quite unusual to see that sort of thing in a professionally made TV series. Luckily only the first two episodes seem to have this problem.

One thing that was majorly different and upsetting was the lack of laughs from the first few episodes. I understand that they have to pick up from years and years ago, so a lot of plot filler is needed, but there was just too much of a lack. There are chuckles here and there in the first half to keep you entertained, but nothing like the rib splitting laughter I experienced from the first season.

The season’s story revolves around each character and what they have been doing with their lives since the last season. Each episode focuses on a specific character and what they have done, and what they are currently doing. netflix announces premiere for new 15 episode arrested development season2 Its not a trick... or an illusion, Arrested Development Season 4 is here.

As always, each family member, although they may not be trying to, seems to take actions that affect another family member. This may cause a little confusion during the beginning of the season, as there are a ton of what appears to be random things going on everywhere. You’ll hear random lines from other characters that make no sense until a later episode, or you’ll see a character doing something random in the background of a scene. However, it does eventually all fall into place in the last couple of episodes, causing it all to make sense, but the first half is a bit unusual. It’s kind of brilliant writing after you watch the whole thing and really think about it, to have to intertwine and shoot everything like they did. arrested development netflix Its not a trick... or an illusion, Arrested Development Season 4 is here.

A lot of people I know were disappointed with the end. It is rather random, and there is no way to predict how the season will end. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to give anything away, but you may just sit there and go “wtf? Well, I guess that’s one way to set up a movie”.

I know this review started off seeming like I absolutely hated the new season, quite the contrary. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and started my second run through. I do have some advice for anyone who has not yet watched the new season: it gets better. It’s like you tripped walking into a dinner party. You’ll stumble, be a bit confused as to why, ask “what the hell?”, and then continue on to have a good time as long as nothing too outrageous happens, and you don’t run out of booze. As long as you stick with it, and power through (I feel like I’m hosting a work out infomercial), the original Arrested Development will finally appear.

rating 8.5 Its not a trick... or an illusion, Arrested Development Season 4 is here.



TheGeekHq Rating: 8.5/10

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