Batman: Arkham City


The must have game of the year. Arkham Asylum was the Premier Batman game. With its amazing combat style, 3D mapping, awesome storyline, and abundance of batman villains, it seemed like it would be difficult to top. However, Rocksteady Studios has surpassed that difficult goal.

Batman: Arkham City took a thoroughly entertaining game, and made it epic. The game is like a perfectly balanced combination of Splinter Cell, and Mortal Kombat, awesome. With the amount of craziness that you run into throughout Arkham City, it’s almost hard to keep track of what storyline you’re currently working on. There are also an abundance of villains in this game, it almost seems unbeatable, but hours and hours…and hours later it’ll all be over, and you’ll be disappointed. Not because the ending sucks, but because you’re saddened the game is over. 

 Batman: Arkham City

Hey Batman, can I have your autogr–

 But not to fret, with the amount of additional downloadable content your gaming experience is sure to extend a few more hours. There is an additional Catwoman storyline, available for free if the game is purchased, or for a small fee if the game is rented. The Catwoman storyline is complete with additional moves, Riddler Trophies, and villains. There are also rumors of additional downloadable content for Robin or Nightwing.

 Batman: Arkham City

Just like a real cat, attacks with claws to the face at random moments.

This game is the years must buy. I generally do no purchase single player games, I usually just Gamefly them, but with over 2 million units sold in the first week I thought I would take the chance and purchase rather than waiting. I was not disappointed by the replay value, it was worth every penny. You’ll be smashing buttons for hours on end experimenting with all the added combos and gadgets.

 Batman: Arkham City

Ramming speed!


10 Batman: Arkham City



G.I.A. Rating 10/10

Batman: Arkham Asylum

ESRB Rating: T

More information can be found on the Arkham City website at

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