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Soooo… Call of Duty’s main competitor for the best modern warfare type FPS game was just released… and I can’t sleep. I can hear the game beckoning me like “C’mon, Jake, just one more game. You can totally work on only three hours of sleep”. No Battlefield! I have to sleep! No more!…after this next game.

Just to let everyone know, I’m a die-hard Call of Duty player. I’ve played every single one that’s come out and wasn’t really all that impressed with anything else that came out. So this review will probably be more of a comparison than a full on review. So, with that said…

This game freakin’ rocks! Literally, everything I didn’t like about the previous Call of Duty games doesn’t exist in Battlefield 4. The crazy high-speed insanity that is Call of Duty isn’t in Battlefield 4. Everyone still runs and guns, but I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of people just waiting around a corner camping, or people popping out of nowhere then me dying after one shot…to the air around me. The weapons are much more accurate to how they perform in real life, except for the range, but that of course has to be dulled down because of the map sizes. The recoil and accuracy however are more true to real life. There’s no spray and pray that you see so often in the kill cams.

battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay 640x354 A Game You Must Own!   Battlefield 4 ReviewBattlefield 4’s multiplayer is so much more enjoyable to play. Every thing is a bit slower. It takes a bit longer to get from point A to point B, but the slower speed is excellent. It’s not like “oh! perso- I’m dead”. There are actual tactics involved, especially in Conquest mode. Having a team that communicates always makes everything easier, but it’s almost damn near required in Battlefield 4. It’s freakin’ great!

Battlefield 4 22 A Game You Must Own!   Battlefield 4 ReviewThe major improvement from the COD franchise is the vehicles. Ooooh man the vehicles. Multiplayer is waaay more exciting when you’re your running toward the enemy and all of the sudden a plane flies into a tank right in front of you. Feeling a bit gung ho? Why not take a tank to the middle of the battlefield? Instead of walking, why don’t you and your buddies just hop in a transport and drive there. Vehicles not your thing? There’s a wide variety of weapons to take them out. Launch whatever kind of rockets you like at them suckers.

Or how about this- Tired of that sniper perched on top of that building, or that firing squad in the window? Just take down the WHOLE EFFING BUILDING! Instead of blowing a hole in a wall to gain tactical advantage over your enemy, just say screw it and blow up the building to collapse it. It does take quite a bit of effort to take it down, but when you do, man is it satisfying.

battlefield 4 multiplayer 12 A Game You Must Own!   Battlefield 4 ReviewThey made an all around awesome game, campaign included. The story is exciting, the cinematics are intense, and the action is incredible! There’s a ton of stuff to do during the campaign. You can collect dog tags, find new weapons, and even the achievements are enticing to go for. They aren’t the normal “you completed level 1 on normal difficulty” (well, actually there are ones similar to that). There are ones that require getting a certain amount of points in a level, and more tempting ones that are rewarded for doing cool things, like getting a certain amount of headshots, or killing people with C4 on some missions.

DICE Battlefield 4 s Naval Combat Will Be Similar to Tank Battles in 1942 380619 2 A Game You Must Own!   Battlefield 4 ReviewSeriously, if you like COD and haven’t played Battlefield 4, drop the controller and pick up a copy. You will not be disappointed. This game is a whole new level of FPS gaming awesomeness. Check it out. I generally talk about how you should rent a game for this or that reason, buy this one. I’m glad to own it.


10 A Game You Must Own!   Battlefield 4 Review




TheGeekHq Rating: 10/10

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