Burn Notice Season 6 Premiere


Summer is finally here, time to get burned. Burn Notice premiered its 6th season Thursday, picking up from last season’s mega cliffhanger of an ending.

If you’re not all caught up on your Burn Notice, stop reading now, because there be season 5 spoilers afoot!

pirate Burn Notice Season 6 Premiere

Ye Be Warned!

We are left off with Fiona turning herself in to stop Anson from using her as leverage against Michael to do his evil bidding. She currently resides in a high security federal penitentiary, where her stay doesn’t seem like it will be the most easy going.

Michael is after Anson, one of the head honchos that burned him and caused this whole ruckus in the first place. So in a way, thanks Anson, for providing 6 years of entertainment at Michael’s expense.

michaelwestenweaver Burn Notice Season 6 Premiere

Say “thanks” again…

Anson is the key to freeing Fiona, catch Anson, prove Michael and Fiona’s story right, and Anson goes into a dark hole for the rest of eternity. Seems simple enough for the super spy, right? Unfortunately Anson seems to be some sort of super genius, with the knowledge of firearms and explosives that can foresee every possible outcome of any situation. He’s like a spy and a wizard rolled into one.

spywizard Burn Notice Season 6 Premiere

The names, Grey, Gandalf the Grey.

This season opener is more explosive than the past couple of seasons. Burn Notice has progressively gotten more and more intense as the story of Michael’s burn notice develops. The villains get more and more diabolical every season,  first Simon, then Management, followed by Vaughn, and Anson had his clever debut last season posing as a client.

Lets hope Burn Notice keeps the pedal to the metal, like they have with the season 6 premier, throughout the season. If so, it would absolutely be in the running for the best season of the series.

For more information on Burn Notice, check out USA Networks’ website, and be sure to tune into Burn Notice every Thursday at 10pm on USA.


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