Borderlands 2


The next big game for all of you adventure loving RPGers out there. Gearbox Software and 2K games improved the outrageousness of Borderlands with more guns and funnier dialogue. There are plenty of times throughout the game when you’ll be concentrating on one task then you’ll randomly hear something like “Butt Stallion” come out of your speakers. Needless to say the dialogue is somewhat random at times, and very amusing.

Of course Borderlands has to have the outrageous amount weapons, and Randy Pitchford, the producer for Borderlands 2 has commented that the first game generated about 17.75 million weapons, and that the amount of weapons in Borderlands 2 is much larger. With that said, you should have no problem finding a gun that fits your needs for what ever situation you’re in.

 Borderlands 2

You sir, are on fire

One of the greatest things is how much freaking ammo is around. Of course, you may run out of ammo on a certain weapon in the heat of battle, but there’s plenty of it lying around in crates, lockers, and other assorted containers for you to replenish your stash… if you can find a moment to pick it up without having 20 different enemies inflicting damage on you. But that’s just part of the fun!

 Borderlands 2

Like one of these situations, but with no ammo.

The multiplayer aspect is a definite plus for some portions of the game. Later on in the story, things may get a little too crazy for some gamers to handle on their own. Luckily, there’s multiplayer, allowing up to four players in the same game. It’s a real good time to have three of your friends destroying everything around you, while helping you accomplish your mission, well at least trying to. It’s similar to slightly organized chaos… but with more explosions.

Borderlands 2 is an awesome game if you’re into the whole adventure RPG thing. There are plenty of missions to complete, plenty of guns to choose from, and plenty of things to obliterate in many different ways. This game is a must play, I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s a must buy because of the whole replay value of it, plus I’m cheap. However, it may have to sit on the shelf for a while before you’d be able to get as much joy of playing again as you did the first time. But by all means, if you do decide to buy, you will not be disappointed. This game is excellent and would be an awesome addition to any gamers library.


91 Borderlands 2



G.I.A. Rating: 9/10

ESRB Rating: M

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