Back to the Future Hover Board

Great Scott! Mattel moves one step closer to making the infamous “Back to the Future” hover board. Well, they at least made an awesome prop replica.

Mattel had their hover board at Comic Con this year with a small demo by a pitch girl complete with an 80’s inspired futuristic outfit. The board is an excellent iconic prop for any collector, with functioning sound effects and motion sensor technology. It is a 1×1 scale replica to the board used in the movie. It features a swiveling back foot hook and loop fabric binding, and has no On/Off switch to add to the futuristic effect. Instead it senses when it is tilted vertically for carrying or horizontally for use, just like in the movie when Marty first takes it and tosses it on the ground.

board3 683x1024 Back to the Future Hover Board

Mattel has said that they will not only sell the pink version from the film, but also a green model for the more masculine geek that doesn’t want a hot pink item floating around the house (no pun intended). Their reasoning for the green hover board is “just because we saw a pink hover board in the movie, doesn’t mean they didn’t have other models or colors”, which makes sense.

Keep in mind what you are buying is an excellent prop replica. By no means is it an actual functioning hover board. Apparently a select few at Comic Con were expecting the board to have the ability to be ridden. The board is loaded with technology from the past decade, but unfortunately it does lack the whole hovering aspect.

Fortunately, it is only 2012, and according to the movie, we have 3 more years until the hover board is supposed to exist.

 Back to the Future Hover Board

More information on Mattel’s Hover Board prop replica can be found on

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