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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student!


After what seemed like months of sleepless nights, countless commercials, and cases of Mountain Dew, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has arrived! We at the Geek HQ were privileged enough to party with the uber fans and developers and watch the midnight madness take place. Activision and Treyarch weren’t the only ones celebrating with the fans last night, this game has set the NEW RECORD for most pre-ordered game at! So, with having this achievement unlocked, Amazon Studenttook it upon itself to host an evening for the true gaming fans. Filled with gameplay, swag, raffles, and of course, an epic tournament at the stroke of midnight.

32 300x200 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student! 44 300x200 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student!
50 300x200 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student! 59 300x200 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student!

The Black Ops 2 release party took over the House of Blues venue on the infamous Sunset strip in Los Angeles Monday night. From the moment you walked in you couldn’t help but grow weak in the knees from the epic nerdgasm that this game will cause for die-hard fans and new comers to the franchise. To top off the gameplay, Activision and Amazon had an abundance of prizes to give out, including shirts, sunglasses, food, BEER, and even several Black Ops 2 Care Package editions. Gamers also had access to an epic photo booth that put you on the cover of Black Ops 2, and made you look like a true operative. 27 1024x682 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student!598963 4847935284226 1246827928 n Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student!Upon walking in you received a lanyard badge for entry and a raffle ticket. However, little did we know that the tournament teams were to be divided by lanyard color. At midnight the players were announced, and 3 select individuals were chosen to represent their colors on the field of battle for a chance to bring the big prize home… a copy of the game for everyone on the winning teams color. The mood tense as everyone waited for the game to begin. The level loaded, and the awesome face-blasting tournament began. With a now divided crowd, hordes of spectators cheered loudly for their team as they watched kill after kill on the multitude of the screens were set up all over the venue.

05 300x200 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student! 17 300x200 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student!
23 300x200 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student! 26 300x200 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Hosted by Amazon Student!

There’s one thing for sure, when Activision and Treyarch get together, they can make one hell of a game, but when you throw Amazon into the mix, an epic party is bound to happen. Black Ops 2 couldn’t ask for a better release into the world of gamers, free food, beer, and swag, all surrounded by gaming stations. With all that was put into this release event, no one could ask for more, but apparently going the extra mile wasn’t enough these guys, they went even further…free Black Ops 2 video games for all attendees.

Activision, Treyarch, and Amazon Student, you guys rock, and thanks for a remarkable Black Ops 2 extravaganza.

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Field Agent Callie at Stan Lee’s Comikaze!

Field Agent Callie brings you some geek intel from Stan Lee’s Comikaze!




Stan Lee’s Comikaze

Stan Lee’s Comikaze took over the Los Angeles Convention Center last weekend, filling it with super heroes, celebrities, geek apparel and gear, and even zombies. It had a wide range of entertainment for all geeks, from a Magic tournament to a full on zombie apocalypse obstacle course. Even with the mass array of entertainment and celebrities, Comikaze was unfortunately lacking one key feature, attendees.

Comikaze was held in the main convention hall of the LA Convention Center, and it seemed to struggle to fill the space, but it wasn’t anything to complain about. There was plenty of walking room, traffic was very light, and my personal bubble was only breached a few times. It was kind of a nice turn from what I’m used to seeing at the chaos that is Comic Con.

 Stan Lees Comikaze

Since this convention is still relatively new, this past year it did not have all the of crazily epic awesomeness of Comic Con, like free stuff, and all of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, but it still had all the loyal cosplayers. No matter what convention, you can always count on your hardcore cosplayers to show up. There were a wide variety of costumes like Captain America, Batman, and The Rocketeer. The most entertaining I saw all weekend were the different versions of Deadpool running around. Some wore the usual tactical gear, but some went all out with straight jackets and one even with a German bar maid outfit.

 Stan Lees Comikaze

All the panels were held on a huge stage on the main floor, with gigantic screens for the latecomers or vertically challenged. All the panels were easy to see and hear from almost anywhere in the convention center, which was really nice, so if you couldn’t make your way to the front, you could still know what was going on.

The celebrities ranged from small to big stars. Among the top names were… *deep breath*… Stan Lee, Elvira, Kevin Smith, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery, Felicia Day, Lou Ferrigno Morgan Fairchild, Thomas Jane, and Mark Hamil. They even had a couple reunions, Batman being one of them with Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar. Also, if you watched ‘All That’ as a kid, and let’s be honest, you didn’t watch good television when you were a kid unless you watched ‘All That’ along with the other classics, you could’ve caught their reunion as well.

As far as entertainment booths go, Comikaze could use a little boost. The Activision Fun Center had a couple of screens set up with demos, but unfortunately they didn’t have a Deadpool demo set up, which is one thing that I’ve been looking into. There were also a few computer gaming stations set up, but not enough to allow for a quick gaming experience without waiting in line for an extended period of time; you know how us gamers get sucked in and don’t want to leave and give someone else a turn.

One attraction set itself apart from the rest however, the Zombie Apocalypse obstacle course. It was a series of inflatable slides and walls, along with rope walls and swings that spanned 75,000 sq. ft. No, that wasn’t a typo, 75,000 sq. ft. It was like the good old days of being of playing on an awesome playground… just with the added awesomeness of being chased by zombies. It was an excellent addition to the whole convention. The best part is that the Comikaze Gods in charge kept the cost low. It was only $30 to run the course. If you wanted to be a zombie, you could sign up in advance for $75 – $150.

Comikaze is still a baby when it comes to geek conventions. It was created only two years ago, and with the help of Stan Lee, it was rebuilt… stronger, faster. However, it still kept its core ideas, to host an excellent inexpensive convention. Comikaze is a great weekend getaway for a geek on a budget in the LA area. I don’t see people traveling from a distance or from galaxies far far away to attend the next convention, but who knows. With the major boost Comikaze has seen from its first year, next year could be another huge jump for the convention. All us geeks can only hope that’s the case.


More information on Stan Lee’s Comikaze can be found on their website at


Black Ops 2… Now EVEN Darker

With It’s E3 premiere just 2 months behind us; It’s no surprise that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has a HUGE presence at this years ‘Con. From the multiplayer to the singular player goodies that was showcased; this game is huge advance for one of the most popular cross platform franchises available to date. Short and sweet, heres the top 5 things us GeekHq agents are drooling over.

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Back to the Future Hover Board

Great Scott! Mattel moves one step closer to making the infamous “Back to the Future” hover board. Well, they at least made an awesome prop replica.

Mattel had their hover board at Comic Con this year with a small demo by a pitch girl complete with an 80’s inspired futuristic outfit. The board is an excellent iconic prop for any collector, with functioning sound effects and motion sensor technology. It is a 1×1 scale replica to the board used in the movie. It features a swiveling back foot hook and loop fabric binding, and has no On/Off switch to add to the futuristic effect. Instead it senses when it is tilted vertically for carrying or horizontally for use, just like in the movie when Marty first takes it and tosses it on the ground.

board3 683x1024 Back to the Future Hover Board

Mattel has said that they will not only sell the pink version from the film, but also a green model for the more masculine geek that doesn’t want a hot pink item floating around the house (no pun intended). Their reasoning for the green hover board is “just because we saw a pink hover board in the movie, doesn’t mean they didn’t have other models or colors”, which makes sense.

Keep in mind what you are buying is an excellent prop replica. By no means is it an actual functioning hover board. Apparently a select few at Comic Con were expecting the board to have the ability to be ridden. The board is loaded with technology from the past decade, but unfortunately it does lack the whole hovering aspect.

Fortunately, it is only 2012, and according to the movie, we have 3 more years until the hover board is supposed to exist.

 Back to the Future Hover Board

More information on Mattel’s Hover Board prop replica can be found on

The Nerd Machine’s Nerd HQ

Nerd HQ – the biggest nerd party at Comic Con! Nerd HQ has everything every geek needs: guest panels, an abundance of gaming stations, nonstop big screen showings of the awesome ‘Trailer Park Heroes’, and copious amounts of alcohol.

IMG 0597 1024x682 The Nerd Machines Nerd HQ

Nerd Merch!

If you haven’t seen ‘Trailer Park Heroes’ yet, stop what you’re doing, and head to’s video section and prepare for awesomeness. The three part short is about a lowly trailer park that gets overrun by cosplayers running amok. There are four residents that defend their home from the oncoming attack in the best way possible, lots and lots of guns. It features the talents of Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, Joel David Moore, Aly Michalka, Nathan Fillion, and Alan Tudyk. It provides for a great escape from all that strenuous cubicle warfare.

Along with the showings, there’s an abundance of gaming stations courtesy of Xbox 360 and Visio. Featuring games like Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, and Gears of War Judgment. Kind of ironic, stop playing video games to go to a bar, then ending up playing video games for hours at said bar.

Even with all the magnificent epicfication Nerd HQ had to offer, the best part of this extravaganza was the panels. Unfortunately I missed the first half of the day due to complications at Wired Café (open bar) but the last couple of panels I was lucky enough to catch were hilarious. The first I saw was a Q&A with Nathan Fillion. It started out one on one, until Adam Baldwin apparently got bored in the green room and crashed Nathan’s panel. The two of them unleashed the best combination of geek and man talk on the face of the planet. They talked about everything from their favorite moments on ‘Firefly’ to Nathan Fillion’s self-proclaimed strikingly good looks.

The last panel I caught was the mystery panel from anyone Zachary Levi could round up, which turned out to be himself, Summer Glau, Scott Wolf, Jason Ritter, and Levi also managed to stop Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion from running out the door to their next gig. From there it was an onslaught of random questions ranging from the classic what would you do in the case of a zombie apocalypse, to Summer Glau getting asked out, from which Zachary Levi saved her from an awkward rejection speech simply by moving on.

IMG 0621 1024x682 The Nerd Machines Nerd HQ

Nathan Fillion Q&A…featuring Adam Baldwin

To top it all off, the panel got on the subject of Captain Awesome, and Adam Baldwin wandered off without saying a word leaving everyone incredibly confused. Zachary Levi asked one of the coordinators if it was Baldwin’s time to leave, because everyone thought he just left. About 15 seconds later he emerged from the green room with a statue of Captain Awesome’s head from the ‘Chuck’ episode “Chuck Versus the Coup d’Etat”. The mystery panel was an awesome event of randomness.

IMG 0654 1024x682 The Nerd Machines Nerd HQ

Baldwin Makes His Presence Known

Since the first year of Nerd HQ Levi has built up ‘The Nerd Machine’ to this glorious foundation of events, reviews, videos, and excellent charity work, in which the profits from the panels, dubbed “Conversations for a Cause”, went to “Operation Smile”. According to the Operation Smile website, Levi has raised enough money for over 145 cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries. Awesome job dude!

Nerd HQ is a must for all geeks and nerds alike. Being a fan of both “Firefly” and “Chuck” made this experience at Comic Con one of the most memorable. Seeing actors from both shows having a great time with fans is definitely a memory I’m never going to forget, and I already can’t wait to see what ‘The Nerd Machine’ has in store for next year.

IMG 0741 1024x682 The Nerd Machines Nerd HQ

Ryan McPartlin Aka Captain Awesome’s Cameo Appearance

Medal of Honor: Warfighter


Prepare for the next installment of the Medal of Honor franchise. If you were a fan of the Medal of Honor modern reboot, then you’ll be incredibly impressed with the new Medal of Honor Warfighter. The Medal of Honor franchise has always focused on realism, but with Warfighter, they went the extra mile. They interviewed tier 1 operators from around the world the to recreate their stories, enemies, combat situations, and also used them as consultants during the development process to make the game as realistic as possible.

  Medal of Honor: Warfighter

In single player, you can play as counter terrorist elite soldiers from 10 different countries to complete missions in real places, which actual terrorist events happened. In multiplayer, the player can represent their country in a worldwide multiplayer match, and for the first time, Medal of Honor has a game mode where the best players in the world can go head to head in an online competition. That would be one hell of a game to be in.

 Medal of Honor: Warfighter

With upgraded graphics, new weapons, new missions, Medal of Honor is set t be an excellent addition to the first person shooter genre, especially if you’re into the whole modern warfare aspect of it. It also will not just be a small boost from the latest Medal of Honor release, like how some other games copped out…ahem COD cough…. This is a definite must buy for Medal of Honor fans, and for COD fans, it’s time to upgrade.

Preorder Warfighter today to unlock the SEAL Sniper class. Also included with every Limited Edition Warfighter preorder is access to the Battlefield 4 beta, so get on it.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is set to release on 10/23/12.

More information on Medal of Honor Warfighter can be found on the Medal of Honor website at

 Medal of Honor: Warfighter