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Black Ops 2… Now EVEN Darker

With It’s E3 premiere just 2 months behind us; It’s no surprise that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has a HUGE presence at this years ‘Con. From the multiplayer to the singular player goodies that was showcased; this game is huge advance for one of the most popular cross platform franchises available to date. Short and sweet, heres the top 5 things us GIA agents are drooling over.

5. Revamped multiplayer with even better, cooler, and more efficient ways to customize your player and lay waste to your opponents.

4. A killer story and single player that is littered with all sorts of amazing visuals, killer sound effects, and of course…. breath taking cut sequences.

CODBO2 1 300x168 Black Ops 2... Now EVEN Darker

3. A BAD ASS deadly arsenal of tools to use, anything from tractor beams to a golden gun. (O.K, really we just want stuff that goes boom and slaughters enemies)

CODBO2 2 300x168 Black Ops 2... Now EVEN Darker

2. DLC to keep us coming back for more, including but not limited to custom game types, special maps, and awesome character customization.

1. More zombie slaying epicness. Black Ops 2 brings back the incredibly popular zombie survival gameplay. With even more weapons, gadgets, and an 8 player co-op mode, this zombie outbreak is sure to be an awesome party of chaos.

CODBO2 3 300x168 Black Ops 2... Now EVEN Darker

Black Ops 2 is scheduled to be reased on November 13, 2012. With an ESRB Rating of “M” for Mature on Xox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

More information on Black Ops 2can be found on their website at


Medal of Honor: Warfighter


Prepare for the next installment of the Medal of Honor franchise. If you were a fan of the Medal of Honor modern reboot, then you’ll be incredibly impressed with the new Medal of Honor Warfighter. The Medal of Honor franchise has always focused on realism, but with Warfighter, they went the extra mile. They interviewed tier 1 operators from around the world the to recreate their stories, enemies, combat situations, and also used them as consultants during the development process to make the game as realistic as possible.

  Medal of Honor: Warfighter

In single player, you can play as counter terrorist elite soldiers from 10 different countries to complete missions in real places, which actual terrorist events happened. In multiplayer, the player can represent their country in a worldwide multiplayer match, and for the first time, Medal of Honor has a game mode where the best players in the world can go head to head in an online competition. That would be one hell of a game to be in.

 Medal of Honor: Warfighter

With upgraded graphics, new weapons, new missions, Medal of Honor is set t be an excellent addition to the first person shooter genre, especially if you’re into the whole modern warfare aspect of it. It also will not just be a small boost from the latest Medal of Honor release, like how some other games copped out…ahem COD cough…. This is a definite must buy for Medal of Honor fans, and for COD fans, it’s time to upgrade.

Preorder Warfighter today to unlock the SEAL Sniper class. Also included with every Limited Edition Warfighter preorder is access to the Battlefield 4 beta, so get on it.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is set to release on 10/23/12.

More information on Medal of Honor Warfighter can be found on the Medal of Honor website at

 Medal of Honor: Warfighter