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A Couple Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Geek in Your Life – Under $35


For all of you that waited until the last minute to get that holiday shopping done, here are a few gift ideas for the geek in your life – and guess what. They’re all under $35! All this stuff can be found at the ever so awesome Check it out, and submit any ideas of your own!

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Doritos Crash the Super Bowl – The Geek Hq’s Submission

Fellow adventurers of the majestic interweb machine, your assistance is needed! For the past few years, Doritos has had a competition where lovers of Nacho Cheese deliciousness and Cool Ranch connoisseurs can submit commercials for a chance to have them aired on the Super Bowl, *ahem* and win a ton of cash *cough*. This year, The Geek Hq decided to take a crack at it. Read more

A Game You Must Own! – Battlefield 4 Review


Soooo… Call of Duty’s main competitor for the best modern warfare type FPS game was just released… and I can’t sleep. I can hear the game beckoning me like “C’mon, Jake, just one more game. You can totally work on only three hours of sleep”. No Battlefield! I have to sleep! No more!…after this next game.

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Brace Yourselves For Old Tech! – Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter Review


Alright, this item may be a bit outdated, but believe it or not, some people actually still use these things…*ahem* and I’m one of them. I just don’t like the interference I encounter with the FM transmitters, although I admit I haven’t tried the high end ones, mostly because I’m cheap. I’m a geek on a budget people! With that being said, one can come to the conclusion that I also don’t own a car with an AUX input, because why the hell would I need one of these. I may cry myself to sleep at night. It’s a toss up.

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Time to Grab a Pint – The Worlds End Review


Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost are at it again, this time on an epic journey to conquer the “Golden Mile”, a 12 pint pub-crawl around their hometown ending at a pub called “The World’s End”. Seems like a pretty entertaining movie to watch 5 drunk guys wander about on a pub-crawl 20 years after they failed to do it in their prime. However, with it being an Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg movie, the premise gets even better. The group finds out the town has been taken over, and all the inhabitants replaced with robots. As you can imagine, things get a little out of hand. Read more

Ben Affleck talks about his casting in Batman vs. Superman


Ben Affleck as Batman has been a hot topic on the geek newswire, and up until last night on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ Ben Affleck has remained silent on the issue of the numerous outraged fans upset with him being cast as Batman in the 2015 flick ‘Batman vs. Superman’ directed by Zack Snyder. During this segment he talks family and addresses a little of what it is like dealing with all the buzz. Read more

JARVIS Iron Man 3 App Review for iOS – Making waking up a little less terrible.


What geek hasn’t dreamed of having JARVIS in their life? The ability to have an A.I. personal assistant with you at all times would make life just so much more entertaining, not to mention waaaaay more organized. One could only hope that the technology for a real life JARVIS will be developed soon, we certainly are getting closer. And now, Marvel fans, earlier this week the JARVIS app was released for iOS devices.

While the JARVIS app is limited in what it can do and is not a full replacement for Siri (damn it), the awesomeness factor is exponentially higher. The JARVIS iPhone app features a voice controlled interface with the ability to tell you the current date, time, temperature, weather forecast, and even your appointment reminders, all in the JARVIS voice we know from the movies.

photo 2 JARVIS Iron Man 3 App Review for iOS   Making waking up a little less terrible.

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Time to blow some sh*t up! – Saints Row 4 Review


Do you love Crackdown? Do you love Saint Row? Well apparently someone had the idea to light some candles, put on some Barry White, and get these two games together in a room, because Saints Row 4 is like the awesome love child of these two games. It’s everything you loved in Crackdown, the insane jumping, the super strength, jumping off skyscrapers, combined with the insanity that is Saints Row, the blowing crap up, pulling someone out of their car just to beat them up for no reason at all, and just the sheer rampage of the game.

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Sound got your down? – Rode VideoMic Review

Alright, here’s a problem everyone encounters. I’m shooting a small budget short film, and the mic we currently have picks up way too much outside noise. Ok, maybe this isn’t a problem for the layman, but it’s something I encountered recently. I wanted to get a mic that was priced as low as possible without sacrificing too much quality. The price was a huge factor for me since the mic was going to be used on the Canon 5D that I just spent what felt like all the money in the world on. Read more

Sam Fisher is Back! – Splinter Cell Blacklist Review


Sam Fisher is back with old friends, and a new voice! Seriously, it’s no longer the awesome voice of Michael Ironside. The torch has been passed to a dude named Eric Johnson, who seems to pop up here and there, and has the credits to support the theory. He does an excellent job, no complaints with the voice acting, I just forgot about the change up and it caught me off guard. Read more