Diablo III Review

Here was Blizzard’s plan for Diablo 2: take everything that was enjoyable in Diablo 2, and remove it. Leave everything in there to make it an awful game.

To start it all off, I’m the kind of player that likes a little customization in my character. If I’m going to be looking at them for hours on end, I want them to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There is virtually no appearance customization beside being able to choose your gender, and changing a few colors of your armor. Diablo 3 III BenchmarkF Y 336238 13 Diablo III Review

Skill customization is even worse. Your character skills is what will bring you to ultimate victory in the game, but you’re limited to using only 6 skills, and at least one of them needs to be a skill to stop you from dying in one hit.

The overall difficulty of this game is outrageous. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good challenge, but this is just ridiculous. It’s expected to die countless amounts of times in a game like this, but when you’re dying countless amounts of times in one gameplay sitting, it gets overly frustrating, and the game loses the fun factor. You are supposed to run, slash, and stab everything in sight, but an enemy will walk briskly next to you and the breeze alone seems to kill you.

It could be better if you had room to run around the baddies, or if you could see a little bit further have a slightly bit more of an idea that you’re about to be attacked, but you can’t. You are stuck in a small confined space where enemies come from the floor all around you then you die.

One of the great things about previous versions of Diablo was that you never knew what to expect when you went into a dungeon. You could literally kill hours just exploring new areas. Well that no longer exists. Dungeons are incredibly repetitive. Oh hey, were doing the same quest line…again, oh hey Mr. Butcher, haven’t seen you in a couple hours. Same old stuff different day. diablo 3 gameplay 1024x576 Diablo III Review

Enough bickering about the actual gameplay, let’s move onto one of the greatest plunders of the game, the Auction House. You’ll spend an incredible amount of time doing nothing but farming gold just to buy items from the Auction House. But due to the lovely people that can’t get enjoyment out of life without modding something and having bots that farm gold constantly around the clock have pushed the prices of the market almost completely out of reach for us honest farming folk. Good luck trying to get the necessary items you need to progress further in Inferno.

Blizzard intends to make some better items drop (at a very tiny rate) in earlier Acts of Inferno in a future patch (to throw a bone to the vast majority of players who couldn’t race to 60 and get into Inferno before prices spiraled out of control, due to pesky jobs and families and whatnot), but it seems to be too little too late. Who really wants to do yet another Butcher farm run? Just the thought of it makes me want to gag.

It seems that you’re kind of screwed if you want to progress. You can’t progress in Inferno without gear. You can’t farm the gear you need yet. You can’t afford it either. Your only solution right now is to pay real dollars at the Auction House and buy your way to beat the game. But that is just silly. Why pay real dollars for virtual items? C’mon Blizzard I expected better from you.


3 Diablo III Review


G.I.A. Rating: 3/10

ESRB Rating: M

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