Duke Nukem Forever


Come get some. Duke Nukem is back…finally. After years and years…and years of waiting and hearing the date being pushed back further and further, it seemed like Duke Nukem Forever was more of a rumor than an actual project in development. According to some rumors, every time the game got close to being released, technology would improve, and the game would have to be revamped. But judging by the quality of the game, I kind of doubt that.

I can remember spending hours and hours in front of the computer blowing away aliens and rescuing babes while my Catholic mother would damn the creators of the game, and I loved every minute of it. It had crude humor, awesome action, and outrageous guns.

 Duke Nukem Forever

Hail to the king, baby!


Reminiscing about all that glory the was Duke Nukem one would think that with how far technology has come, that an all new Duke Nukem would just be crazy, not the case. They gave Duke Nukem the typical game upgrades, a new plot, guns, and levels. They also upgraded the graphics, kind of. With the amount of games that are floating around out there that look like you’re controlling actual people and cruising around levels that seem incredibly realistic, there’s no comparison. Duke Nukem is a step backward graphics wise. It’s like you’re playing on an original Xbox.

 Duke Nukem Forever

Your petty graphics machine cannot work on the Duke


The game itself is a little disappointing as well. Some points will be incredibly easy, while other portions will leave you wanting to throw your controller against the wall. There’s no gradual increase in difficulty throughout the game, you’ll just eventually get pissed off at one point, get prepared for hell for the rest of the game, and then cruise through the next part like you have God Mode on. I also seemed to run out of ammo a lot during gameplay. The plot is mediocre, the weapons are mediocre, and the graphics are mediocre. The whole game is mediocre.

 Duke Nukem Forever

Perfect time to run out of ammo

This game is a rental at most, only if you were a fan of the first couple Duke Nukems. You might get some enjoyment out of playing it just for the humor if you haven’t played the previous Nukems, but try to avoid buying it, it’s definitely not worth the price.


5 Duke Nukem Forever



G.I.A. Rating: 5/10

ESRP Rating: M

More information on Duke Nukem Forever can be found on Duke Nukem’s website at http://www.dukenukemforever.com/


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