The Expendables 2 Trailer

 The Expendables 2 Trailer

If you were to add testosterone to a nuclear explosion, this movie would be the output.

Adding more 80’s action stars to their cast, The Expendables 2 looks like they’re once again on the right tack to making another ultimate man movie. If it’s anything like the first one, the plot will be mediocre, the CGI will be passable at most, and the actors give the best performances that intense action star can, but, you know what, who cares?

Just the sheer amount of insane action sequences in ‘The Expendables’ made it an incredibly entertaining movie to watch. One can only hope they started with a similar formula and just added more explosions, guns, Kung Fu, and red meat.

‘The Expendables’ proved that the outrageous 80’s action movie can make a comeback and still completely kick ass, and this time ‘The Expendables 2’ is doing it with a roundhouse kick. The man himself, the man who has won ‘American Idol’ using only sign language, the man who has counted to infinity – twice, and the only man who can, in fact, touch MC Hammer, Chuck Norris seems like he’ll be bringing this sequel to the next level of awesome. Jean Claude Van Damme seems to play the villain, which should make for an excellent climax of the plot. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis also seem to have bigger roles in this film, which can only add to the epicness to it.

When broken down, ‘The Expendables’ was not a well-rounded movie with great dialogue, CGI, and plot. However, given the amount of awesome put into it with the cast and action, it really doesn’t matter, every real man in America will see it, and man caves all around the country will have to be re-armored to take the added testosterone of it’s inhabitants.

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