Get Those Votin’ Phones Ready! – The Voice Season 5 Review

Guess what? I will tell the world… I am trying out for The Voice this weekend! OMG! I have been singing all my life, and yet have never made it to a TV show audition such as The Voice or American Idol. Truth be told, I am terrified of rejection. Am I the next Kelly Clarkson? No. No one can hit those kinds of notes and I definitely can’t (not yet!!). Do I have a passion for music (especially country) and can I sing? Yeah… I think! I am so afraid to be one of those people who think they are good but are horrible, that I have suppressed my passion and kept quiet for years. Pretty much since high school when the choir teacher absolutely hated me (how could you hate me!?) and made my life awful whenever I wanted a singing part. OK, anyway, back on track! I am a huge fan of The Voice and I am so excited to even just have the chance to audition. You miss out on all chances you never take so here goes nothin’! Now… back to the current Season 5.

I have to admit, I wasn’t highly overwhelmed by the contestants on this season. I can bet the reason is because no one is solid country, and as mentioned before, country music is truly my heart and soul. That said, this is one of the most fun to watch and heart-felt seasons yet. And the talent is definitely there. (In fact, once we hit the top 5, I couldn’t even decide who I felt okay with going home.)

Christina and Ceelo are back with a vengeance, and although Ceelo was the first coach to be eliminated, he continues to entertain with his weird outfits and brilliant words. Seriously, the dude has a way with words, but who the heck allows him to wear what he does?! It definitely has wow factor. Maybe that’s the point.

The Voice season 5 blind auditions week 1 666x341 Get Those Votin Phones Ready!   The Voice Season 5 ReviewChristina Aguilera is one of my vocal idols, but in previous seasons she seemed a bit, well, bitchy and diva-licious. This season she’s back, slimmed-down, and a total sweetheart!! I absolutely love watching the show and how she coaches her team members. Her last girl standing is the amazing, 16-year-old Jacquie. You can see that Christina truly cares about her, and all of her contestants, and she does such a fantastic job coaching them into their success.

All the coaches have strong, charismatic personalities that make them, and their teams, shine. While I don’t really connect with Ceelo, I absolutely adore Blake, Christina, and Adam. Sure, Blake likes to drink and he can get a little silly, but he’s so funny and entertaining I really don’t mind. I do think some people find him offensive and over-the-top, Christina being on of those people, but I think he adds fun to the show!

Blake and Adam’s bromance isn’t as apparent this season. Blake tries to begin banter with Adam, but Adam doesn’t really have it. Did they break up? I hope not!

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton Reunited The Voice Season 5 Video Get Those Votin Phones Ready!   The Voice Season 5 ReviewAdam has been great this season, although I could do without the cowl-neck sweaters he tends to wear. Knock off the Mr. Rogers look and show me some of that Sexiest Man Alive! Aside from looks, his team has done remarkably well with his coaching and he actually had 3 of the top 5 and he stands a chance to win it all.

adam levine the voice season 5 premiere preview nbc thumb 350xauto 66252 Get Those Votin Phones Ready!   The Voice Season 5 ReviewThe Top 3 consists of Adam’s Tessanne, a POWERHOUSE vocalist from Jamaica and Will, a shy but super-talented indy rock-ish type singer and Christina’s young, but passionate Jacquie. All of them deserve the crown, but I have to admit my vote still goes to young Jacquie. Sadly, Blake’s winning streak has come to an end, but not to worry, I will bring him to victory next season!! (Muahah. Right…)

Tune in next week, Monday 12/16 and Tues 12/17 for the final episodes of the season and to see who takes the win!

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