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If you’re a cinematographer then you know and have used a GoPro. For the past couple releases of the camera, there have been little things here and there that annoyed users, but we’ve dealt with it because there isn’t anything better for the job. Well, videographer geeks, it’s time to rejoice because GoPro just outdid themselves.

The new GoPro Hero3 White and Silver editions were released earlier this week, but the camera we have all been waiting for is The Hero3 Black Edition, which is set to release November 14th. Let’s start off with a brief overview of the White and Silver Editions before we dive into the specs of the big daddy.

 GoPro Hero3

Need to record you rolling a car into a river, then falling over a waterfall? Yeah, I can do that.

The Hero3 White Edition is great for someone looking for an inexpensive, but excellent versatile camera. It has the same specs as a camera as the original GoPro Hero, however, it is smaller, slimmer, lighter, can take photos, and has built in Wi-Fi. Everything is better with Wi-Fi. GoPro has a free smart phone app that works with your GoPro Hero3 to control it, or remotely see what you’re shooting, awesome. GoPro also sells a remote accessory for the GoPro Hero3 that can operate your camera from up to 600 feet away. I wish my router at home had the range of a Hero3.

The Hero3 White Edition can shoot 1080p and 960p at 30 fps, 720p at 60 or 30 fps, and WVGA at 60 fps if you deem in necessary. The lens has also been swapped out from that intense fish-eye of the Hero to an almost no barrel effect look. Since the fish-eye look is kind of a trademark of the action sports world it hasn’t completely disappeared, but it does give it a nice even balance between the fish-eye and a flat shot. There are swappable third party lenses to remove the fish-eye look altogether if need be.

 GoPro Hero3

Minimal fish-eye

The Hero3 Silver Edition is the same as the Hero2, just smaller, slimmer, lighter, can take photos, and has built in Wi-Fi. Noticing a pattern? Seems pretty simple, upgrade the older cameras a bit so they still sell, and you can get a great camera for a lower price. The Hero3 Silver Edition shoots video at 1080p 30 fps / 960p 48 fps / 720p 60 fps. The still camera has an 11mp sensor and is capable of a 10fps burst.

Now it’s time for the badass edition, the Hero3 Black. This camera is the ultimate of ultimates for a versatile, sturdy, and tough camera. It has the same slim, small, and light design, with built in Wi-Fi, and has the remote included in the package. The Hero3 Black shoots video at 4K Cinema 15 fps / 2.7K cinema 30 fps / 1440p 48 fps / 1080p 60 fps / 960p 100 fps /720p 120 fps and more. Better than 1080p! That’s for all you new iPad users out there. It also has a 12MP sensor with up to 30 fps burst mode. To top it all off, all of the new models have a photo mode that can shoot simultaneously during video recording, either by pressing a button or by presetting it to take a photo at 5, 10, 30, or 60 second intervals. Boom! Specs on the ultimate versatile camera.

 GoPro Hero3

Because they can.

The Hero3 Black Edition includes the Wi-Fi waterproof remote to sweeten the deal, and all the new Hero3 models come with the GoPro waterproof housing, which is rated up to 197 feet. So feel free to take a dive with it, use it in the snow, or when you plunge off a waterfall during some intense river rapid sessions. The Hero3 is the top of the line action cam, and is a must need for shooting action sports, or even as a small stage b-cam setup. It truly can be used to record anything, except for what it’s like to be dipped in lava, that stuff isn’t camera friendly.

91 GoPro Hero3



G.I.A. Rating 9/10


White Edition: $199.99

Silver Edition: $299.99

Black Edition: $399.99


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