Gears of war 3

gears of war 3 1024x505 Gears of war 3
Bringing multiplayer gameplay to whole new heights of insanity. 

I feel as if the guys over at Epic Games got together in their conference room one day to discuss the new Gears of War and something went horribly wrong, be it a gas leak or someone bringing in some tainted communal food, because this game is a whole new level of insane. Of course a game is going to improve over time because of other games pushing the envelope, technology, and the evolution of the gamer, but Gears of War 3 has made such a huge jump from Gears 2, it’s probably considered illegal in at least 3 countries.

The multiplayer is simply out of control. With the ever so popular Team Deathmatch addition, the lifespan of the average player is shortened to say the least, but not to fret, because Epic Games has put their own little twist on Team Deathmatch. Instead of playing up to a certain point value, for instance like on Call of Duty, the team shares a small amount of respawns, and the first team out of respawns, loses, simple as that. However, with the addition of a few new weapons, those respawns can diminish incredibly quickly.

As opposed to the first two Gears of War games, where any average Joe could roam around with a Gnasher and wreck half the team in a moments notice, these multiplayer matches keep the carnage coming in a wide variety of ways with the addition of some intense weapons.

incindiary2 Gears of war 3


The Incendiary Grenade is an excellent addition for any pyromaniac, bursting into flames and setting everything in its blast radius on fire.

The Ink Grenade now stuns the enemy for a short period of time when it explodes, so it is actually useful now.

Also, the Smoke Grenade stunning feature has been updated. The stunee can still walk around and roll while stunned, they just can’t fire their weapon. So no more getting stunned by a Smoke Grenade and having the enemy simply roll up to you and feeding you a face full of buck shot while you can do nothing but watch. Well that still sometimes happens, you’re just moving around when it does.

Power Weapons:

Are you one of those players that run directly to snipe? Well get ready to run to an upgraded sniper rifle that can only be described as a liquefier with a scope and laser attachment.  The One Shot literally destroys any opposing players in its path. Is more than one player in flight path of the shell? Take them all out with one pull of the trigger; the shot doesn’t stop until it hits a wall or barrier.

The Digger is an excellent weapon for those pesky hamster-like players who are constantly rolling and just won’t give up and let you shoot them. This weapon launches a grenade into the ground, tunnels its way in the direction shot, then launches itself into the air and explodes when it gets close to an enemy. Its great for cutting off a direction of retreat, just launch, switch to your secondary, and fire away. It’s always fun to mix the enemy up and watch them roll directly into that path of the Digger.

sawed off Gears of war 3Starting Weapons:

Thought the Gnasher didn’t have enough stopping power? Well your prayers have been answered. The Sawed Off shotgun packs an INCREDIBLY mean punch. The player gets one shot to demolish (seriously, demolish) any enemy in range, which is dangerously close before they have to reload, and reloading feels like it takes an eternity in the middle of battle. However, if the player lands that perfect shot, the enemy is immediately turned to tiny little bits of what used to be a Locust or Cog. Be careful aiming though, because the range and accuracy of this weapon are next to nothing, so small that the crosshairs for the Sawed Off is just a small white dot in the middle of the screen. What it does lack in accuracy and range it more than makes up for in power, double kills are a common occurrence when using the Sawed Off.

Last but certainly not least is the Retro Lancer. A long-range weapon that has unbeatable power and a bayonet attached at the front. The accuracy of this weapon is limited with a quickly expanding cone of fire when holding down the trigger, so short burst fire is very encouraged for long range. When the technique is mastered, there’s just no competition with other long-range small

arms. If you’re feeling especially crazy, you can hold down the B button and command your character into a sprint with the bayonet and plow into enemies impaling them for an excellent execution.

 Gears of war 3

Gears of War 3 has taken the epicness of its multiplayer gaming to whole new heights, with new weapons, customizable skins for weapons, new characters,insane levels with practically no place to hide, upgraded Horde mode with buildable barriers, and a new game mode called Beast Mode, where you are the Locust on Horde Mode.With Gears of War 3 supposedly being the last of the series, one can only wonder if Epic Games is going to take the prequel route, and if they do, how are they going to top the intense gameplay of Gears of War 3?

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