Gears of War Judgement

Sometimes change isn’t the greatest thing. For those of you that are prepared for Epic Games’ latest edition to the Gears of War franchise, you’re ready for the continued craziness…and from this geek’s standpoint, one small disappointment.

I recently was able to play the upcoming Gears of War Judgment in one of the new OverRun games. It’s played like the normal Team Deathmatch but with destoyable fortifications and generators. The COG attempt to defend the generators while the locust attack. Seems pretty straightforward right? Nope, prepare for Gears madness.

 Gears of War Judgement

Epic Games took a new approach with Judgment, and maybe a tip from Battlefield. At the beginning of every spawn the player has the option to choose from different premade classes, each with a different set up of weapons and power ups that can be used to help out the team, such as the ability to set up a sentry turret, rebuild fortifications, and heal downed teammates from a distance.

The whole addition of the power ups make the multiplayer experience a lot more enjoyable/difficult depending on the team you’re playing on. If you’re playing with people that are one man armies, running around repairing stuff just for yourself seems kind of useless. If you were playing with a team that actually plays like a team, it would be very easy to properly equip every player adequately to win the match. But then again you’d have to listen to the opposing team in between games yell at you for playing the game how it’s supposed to be played.


 Gears of War Judgement

Once you have equipped your character, the teams will spawn in a relatively small level, and as the game progresses, and COG territories are overrun (oh hey, that’s the name of the game!) new areas are opened and the COG spawn further back. It’s an excellent way to force players through the entire level as opposed to constantly battling in one area…ahem like Digger spawn on Trenches cough…

When you’re on the Locust team, you can choose from the normal locusts, Theron Guards, Grenadiers, and even Corpsers, but there’s also the excellent and thoroughly entertaining choice of Bloodmount. You can run around and claw away at COG and barriers, and like in the other Gears games, the Bloodmount is more difficult to take down. If you choose to play as a Bloodmount, you can take a friend along for a ride. Your Kantus and Grenadier teammates can choose to ride your back into battle, but be warned, if you choose to be a beast rider, make sure the person controlling the Bloodmount has a level head. When my buddy was controlling the Bloodmount…it didn’t turn out so well. We went directly into the middle of their base, despite my desperate attempts to yell some sense into him. We got shot from every angle by every COG and by multiple turrets, and I died in about 3 seconds, and shortly after he ran into a frag.

 Gears of War Judgement

How you’re supposed to use the Bloodmount

Now it’s time for the one thing about OverRun that upset me. Epic Games changed the controller scheme! They had an excellent, and by far my favorite for a game with multiple weapons. They did away with the D-pad, and the player now uses Y to scroll through weapons. There’s a primary and a secondary. They also did away with the Tac-Com, which was a huge hindrance for an avid Tac-Com user like me. I understand that it would take some time to get used to the new controller scheme, but in the hour of gaming I had, I just couldn’t seem to get that old scheme out of my head. During gameplay, when I went to hit the Tac-Com I found myself throwing a frag grenade, sometimes in not so convenient locations. This led to having my teammates see my gamertag show up on the bottom left corner with a nice little grenade icon next to it.

 Gears of War Judgement

There’s Jake’s bits again…

Even with the new controller scheme, Gears of War Judgment is a definite must buy. Epic Games continues to live up to the epicness of their name with this new release.  Judgment is set to be an awesome addition to the craziness that is the Gears of War arsenal.

Gears of War Judgment is set to release March 19, 2012. More information can be found on the Judgment’s site at


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