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Green Lantern, an excellent comic book, not so much on the movie end. Green Lantern was recently released to theaters with little enthusiasm. The trailers and commercials leading up to its release seemed to be a bit dull, and lacking to any gripping features. The only things the movie seemed to offer are the graphics, and an excuse to drag girlfriends to a geek movie…Ryan Reynolds in an outfit so skin tight, they had to digitally add it.

 Green Lantern

Is there a logical explanation for this?

The story behind Green Lantern is excellent. If you’re not familiar with it, you’ll still get the general idea of the movie, but that’s only because you’ll have a narrator telling you everything, even when no narration is needed. Long story short, Hal Jordan is chosen to become a Green Lantern, a peacekeeper of the universe. The ring is given to him, and he is transported to a far off planet to train and harness the power of the ring, as it can replicate anything he imagines.

 Green Lantern

With great power comes big machine guns

The movie revolves around Hal as he battles the psychic evil genius Hector Hammond, and evolves his romance with Carol Ferris. It’s a mediocre plot line, with minimal build up, a little bit of comedic relief, and some action here and there.

All in all Green Lantern is just meh. The only exciting aspect about it is the fact that it’s a Green Lantern movie. The CGI is great, but sometimes a little over the top, like the whole digitally added costume. Just why? The only explanation I can think of is too much budget, and not enough action sequences. With ticket prices rising, my advise is to just save the money on tickets and wait to rent it.

51 Green Lantern



G.I.A. Rating 5/10

MPAA Rating: PG-13

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