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FINALLY! After six years of waiting, Hitman Absolution is finally here. With six years being quite a long time, I don’t want to go as far to say the wait was worth it, but Hitman Absolution is definitely worth playing. Especially for this geek, I absolutely love the sneak around operative games like Splinter Cell and Hitman. I know that’s hard to imaging when you’re reading a blog by the G.I.A. at TheGeekHq.com…noticing a pattern?

Anyway, there’s a ton of playtime during the Hitman Absolution campaign. The story goes that 47’s long time handler at the International Contract Agency, Diana Burnwood, goes rogue, and sabotages everything in her path while she publicly exposes the agency. The ICA is then reformed under new leadership, and a contract is taken out on Diana. Agent 47 is assigned the contract to kill Diana and bring Victoria, a young girl in Diana’s care, to the ICA. During the hit 47 wounds Diana and in his hesitation to kill her, she explains her actions and tells 47 to protect Victoria. Diana then gives Agent 47 a note to further explain her actions. After realizing the truth, 47 goes rogue and is now on a mission to protect Victoria. Of course nothing ever goes as planned and 47 has to take down the agency that formally employed him.  Hitman Absolution 1024x596 Hitman Absolution Review

Agent 47 is hired for various contracts to further his progress in taking down the agency, and to aid him in his quest to do some other things that happen in the plot that I don’t want to give away.

There’s so many different ways to play the campaign. The player can decide if they want the guns blazing kill, or the silent professional kill. You can decide if you would prefer to run, gun, and just kill everything in the area, take your target out from a distance and hide, make their death look like an accident, and much, much more.  You can even place a nice little targeted explosion to make sure you don’t miss, that just tends to get a little messy, but sometimes that’s the fun of it! Hitman Absolution 2012 01 11 12 007 1024x576 Hitman Absolution Review

One down side to Hitman Absolution that I did notice is that it tends to get a little outrageously difficult towards the end, but that’s mostly my fault. I have some sort of patience, but not enough to wait in the same spot in a video game for 5 minutes so I can move to the next cover spot without being spotted. If you are that kind of person, you’re probably a Shaolin Monk, and deserve a medal, and you should also disregard this because you’ll have no problem.

There just seems to be such an incredible amount of people that there is barely a way through them without being spotted. There generally is a clean way to complete the level, but towards the end, even the clean way can turn into chaos real fast. One way to remedy the difficulty is to set the game on one of the enhanced game modes, which is either Normal or Easy difficulty. Professional game mode has Hard, Expert, and Purist. I was playing on hard, just because I wanted to unlock the achievement, but if you’re the very impatience type, you may want to sacrifice the gamer points to save yourself from ripping your hair out.

I also noticed a couple of bugs here and there. It was nothing to cause alarm or anything that would make the game more difficult, just problem with the body after someone dies. Do not become alarmed if the person you just shot randomly flies into the air and ragdolls back down the earth. That’s perfectly normal. hitman absolution 20121118115341380 000 Hitman Absolution Review

Hitman Absolution also features an online gameplay experience. No you don’t play against other Agent 47s in an all out gun battle, that would just get a little out of hand. But you do get to create contracts based on levels and characters, with your own customizable story and objectives. You can challenge friends, play their contracts, or play complete strangers contracts. Each contract completed earns you money in your offshore account, which can be used to buy more content like weapons and costumes. Pretty awesome.

All in all, Hitman Absolution is a must play. There’s a little something for everyone. Those people who like to run and gun can do that. The people who like to achieve perfection can do that. Those of you that love puzzles, figuring out to achieve your goal is one giant puzzle. Gamefly, rent, buy, who cares, even with the little bugs here and there, you need to play this game.


8 Hitman Absolution Review



G.I.A. Rating: 8/10

ESRB Rating: M


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