iHome iHM79 Rechargeable Mini Speakers

iHM79 300x300 iHome iHM79 Rechargeable Mini Speakers

These compact speakers offer surprisingly great sound for their size. Most capsule speakers sacrifice too much quality in order to keep them small, but the iHM79 seems to find a nice balance between the two. They are slightly larger than other mini speakers, but the increase in size is well worth the space when sound quality is taken into account.

The iHM79′s are outfitted with a rechargeable battery, charged via USB, in the base along with  small low powered magnets so the speakers can be attached together at the bases. Each speakers features an on/off switch and a small LED that is blue when switched on, and turns red when low on battery. They’re great for travel, and come with a small bag for easy storage. At an open height of 2.75 inches and a closed height of about 2.5 inches, and weighing in a little less than half a pound, they can be tossed into a laptop bag taking up minimal space.Of course they aren’t going to sound as good as larger speakers with a larger power source, but let’s face it, if you could take your Bose surround sound system wherever you went, these wouldn’t exist. As far as cons go, they do distort a little when pushed to full volume, and the cable needs a little bit of improvement. The cable is a special iHome USB using a combination of mini USB, USB, and a 3.5mm  minijack that works with headphone output jacks on most mp3 players and laptops. It also is a little short between the left and right ports on the cable, so the speakers can only be placed about 21 inches apart.

Ranging in price from $30 to $50, depending on the outlet (eBay seems to be the least expensive at  $30 new in box) they aren’t a bad buy, but keep in mind, all small speakers have limitations on sound, with these exceeding mine.

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