Hazah! iPhone 5


Apple announced its much-anticipated iPhone 5 today, and it seems that Apple has lost their touch on keeping the new features top secret. If you’re a GIA Agent, there were little to no surprises during the iPhone portion of the keynote. If you spent some time stalking Apple, you’d see that most of the rumors were true.

Here’s the straight to the point updates that you care about, new iPhone 5 specs. If you would like details then continue reading on after the list, if not, then no hard feelings…*sniffle*

-       Thinner, lighter, and longer design

-       A6 chip

-       Larger 4” Retina display

-       Two tone aluminum back casing

-       Ultrafast LTE network (finally)

-       Upgraded battery life

-       Upgraded cameras for the front and back

-       Lighting connector, replacing the current 30-pin connector

-       New Maps and Passbook apps

-       Siri upgrades

-       Ignore with automatic text reply, ignore with reminder, and screen phone calls

Alright, for those of you that stayed to hear the rest of my spiel, you shall be rewarded with the greatest gift I have to offer at this time, details of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5, if Being Sexy was a Crime, You’d be Guilty as Charge 

The new body of the phone is made from an aluminum backing with a glass front, and the two-toned aluminum back looks absolutely awesome. The thinner and lighter design is a consistent upgrade with all the iPhones, but the new larger screen is what has iPhone fans excited.

The new 326ppi 4” retina display has an excellent 1136×640 resolution. The color saturation has also gotten a 44% boost from the 4s, so that means games are more vibrant, and with the 16:9 aspect ratio you can watch widescreen movies in all of their glory.

 Hazah! iPhone 5

I’m sexy and I know it

They Have Rebuilt it… Bigger… Stronger… Faster…

Apple has integrated their A6 chip, which they claim is twice as fast as the iPhone 4s A5 chip. Apps launch faster, web browsing is quicker, and email attachments appear almost instantly. And there’s even more great news! The new chip is reported to be more power efficient, which means battery life is extended.

Battery Life Expectancy:

-       8 hours LTE browsing time

-       8 hours of 3G talk time

-       10 hours video playback

-       10 hours wifi browsing

-       40 hours music

-       225 stand by time

 Hazah! iPhone 5

As fast as Kenyans!

iPhone 5 gets a camera overhaul.

The new iSight camera is an excellent upgrade from previous iPhone cameras. Its rear camera is eight megapixels that features a 3,264 x 2,448 back illuminated sensor, and a f/2.4 aperture. One of the greatest upgrades is the dynamic low light setting. Hopefully pictures indoors will look better when flash is off. The front camera has also bee upgraded and is now capable of capturing 720p video. The new camera hardware combined with the A6 processor means faster image capture time. Apple has also integrated the ability to capture an image while recording video, along with the ability to capture panoramic images. The camera software and hardware has gotten a major overhaul. Images will be more vibrant, better quality, and FaceTime will finally be in HD.

 Hazah! iPhone 5

“No duckface” should be a part of the user agreement.

Two Apps that won’t Sit in that Random Useless Folder

Google Maps is no longer a standard on the iPhone. With the upgraded iOS 6 Apple’s Maps app is the standard. It has turn-by-turn navigation. The graphics on Maps is more detailed and apparently even when you’re fully zoomed in, panning is smooth. Traffic info is all in real time, and even includes some details on what is causing it in the first place, so you know if it’s a temporary slow down or a major accident.

The Passbook app acts as your person electronic wallet. It can hold all your important electronic valuables such as concert tickets, boarding passes, and gift cards all in one convenient organized location. It is also time and location based, so your tickets automatically appear on your lock screen when you need them. Passbook will tell you when your boarding gate changes and will notify you. Additionally, it knows when you enter a store and will bring your gift card up for you.

 Hazah! iPhone 5

You’ll no longer need to keep that gift card with $0.79 cents left on it in your wallet.

Oh Yeah, There’s a Phone on This Thing

There’s also better call quality on the new iPhone 5. The earpiece has a touch of noise cancelling technology, and the three (front, back, and bottom) microphones work to reduce background noise. Users also now have the ability to screen calls, or ignore them with options. Do Not Disturb screens calls and sends non-pre approved contacts straight to voicemail.  An awesome feature I will use quite a bit is the call ignore with auto-response via text. With just two touches, you can ignore a call and send a premade text message to the caller. You can also ignore and set a reminder to call the number back at either a better time, or location.

 Hazah! iPhone 5

Crazy ex-girlfriend approved

Siri, Because Typing is too Much Effort

Siri can now offer you sports scores, show times, and even make dining reservations. Unfortunately there wasn’t any comment on whether or not the speed has been upgraded, so she might still be a little too slow for most people.

The New Connector, Developed by Thor

Apple has done away with their famous 30-pin connector and replaced it with the new Lightning connector. This eight signal, slim connector was one of the major redesigns to make the new iPhone 5 much thinner. Although data will not be transferred faster and it will not charge quicker, the cable is reported to be more durable, and is also reversible, which means you can plug it in upside down if you deem it necessary.

 Hazah! iPhone 5

The god of Thunder…bolt

Overall, Apple has been playing catch up in the smartphone world. There are plenty of features that just came out with iPhone 5 that have been on other smartphones for years, and seems to lack that wow feature that everyone hoped for. Regardless, because it’s an iPhone, all those features have been made awesome. You can have the awesomeness of all of the features, with the reliability and user-friendly iOS, and that is what all of us iPhone users have been waiting for.

iPhone 5 starts at $199, in colors slate and silver aka black and white, slate just sounds more badass. It’s available for preorder this Friday, and will hit stores in September 21st.

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