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4s iPhone 4s

Introducing ‘the most amazing iPhone yet’. Apple has been putting out a new iPhone every year since it revolutionized the mobile phone industry in 2007 with its first iPhone release. Since then, they’ve come quite a long way with serious software and hardware upgrades that can leave the public saying “this is the coolest thing on the face of the planet”, while simultaneously yelling “why aren’t you working?!” as they shake their phone in fury only to see the “Nothing to Undo” screen appear.

undo e1340688940995 300x215 iPhone 4s

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Many people were expecting more from the iPhone 4s, saying that the iOS 5 update, upgraded processor, upgraded camera, and the all-new Siri wasn’t enough. And to those people all I can say is this: “you can freaking talk to your phone like a person to get it to do stuff for you”! Honestly people you’re talking to a small electronic device to get it to do things, like set calendar dates, reminders, and read text messages to you, what more do you want, for it to sprout little arms and legs to fetch stuff for you? Well, actually that would be pretty awesome. Maybe Apple can work on that for the iPhone 5.

Back to the point, with every one person disappointed with the new iPhone, there are thousands upon thousands of people that are overjoyed to own one. The new Reminders app allows the user to create extremely organized checklists, so you remember that you are instructed to buy low fat sour cream instead of the regular kind. The upgraded camera allows you to film and edit in full 1080p. iMessage brings a SMS version of iChat to the iPhone, allowing you and other iPhone users to text with lightning fast speed with the ability to see when the other is typing as well as delivery and read receipts.

Now onto the really geeky stuff, the dual core A5 chip is capable of two times faster processing power than the iPhone 4, so pages will load faster than ever. Thanks to the A5 chip, graphics are seven times faster than they were on the iPhone 4, giving gaming a huge advance from the iPhone 4.

siri 300x224 iPhone 4s

Finally the moment everyone has been waiting for, Siri. Your personal assistant that doesn’t have a birthday for you to remember, and doesn’t take a vacation. Need something done? Just ask Siri. It’s as simple as pressing a button and talking. “Siri, set a reminder to start the building process for my own ‘Death Star’”, and BOOM! It’s on your reminders list. “Siri, set my alarm for 9 pm to remind me the my adamantium ready for casting.” BOOYA! Alarm set. Siri definitely takes the mobile phone to a whole new level by immensely upgrading the voice command feature most phones already have.

Although Apple may have dropped the ball on the whole not integrating 4G into the iPhone 4s, you can’t really complain all that much, Apple has revolutionized the world we live in today and made it easier for us geeks to reign supreme. There may have been other versions of similar gadgets and such before Apple put their twist on it, but it’s that Apple twist that makes the world of difference between having a product that blows the competition away, and a product that just has a silly little robot on it.


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