I suddenly have a craving for shawarma – Iron Man 3 Review


Duuuuude…Holy Sh*t. Iron Man 3…just… go see it. It’ll get you so pumped that you’ll leave the theater and begin plans on making that Iron Man suit you’ve always wanted to build, or you might just decide to fight some crime on the way home.

Of course, with it being a movie, the plot and characters wont be exactly like they are in the comic book. So, if you’re a stickler for that sort of thing, you wont enjoy the movie to the extent that the average moviegoer will, but Iron Man 3 will still rock you.

iron man 3 I suddenly have a craving for shawarma   Iron Man 3 Review

The first thing you’ll notice in Iron Man 3 is the significant increase in comedy compared to the first two. The comedy isn’t overpowering and doesn’t take away from the seriousness of the plot, it just offers excellent comedic relief and makes the movie so much more than an average action movie. The comedic relief at certain points is essential because some of these action scenes are just insane.

In a nutshell, the action scenes are full of pew, pew, pew followed by explosions then more explosions, all while stopping villain shenanigans. Pretty awesome. There will be times when you’ll be on the edge of your seat and not even know it until the scene is over. You’ll finally exhale after holding your breath for only god knows how long, and you’ll exchange that “holy crap, that just happened” look to whoever is sitting next to you.

iron man 3  I suddenly have a craving for shawarma   Iron Man 3 Review

Oooh man….sh*t’s about to go down.

For those of you who don’t have the general idea of Iron Man 3 here it is: Iron Man is put up against The Mandarin, a diabolical terrorist who will stop at nothing to bring chaos to the United Sates. Stark will have to power through is personal problems he struggles with after the events in New York all while trying to stop the Mandarin from carrying out his evil plan, but of course, everything is not what is appears to be.

 I suddenly have a craving for shawarma   Iron Man 3 Review

Iron Man 3 is filled with twists and turns that will let you experience joy, laughter, fear, worry, and sadness. The whole movie is easy to follow and nothing is too complicated for anyone that doesn’t want to think and just enjoy the explosions.

As you can tell, this is a rather short review, considering how I’m raving about this movie. I just don’t want to run the risk of giving anything away. Just go see Iron Man 3 as quickly as humanly possible. Take the family, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, sock puppet, or whatever you’re into, just get to the theater. You will not be disappointed. Iron Man fans and non-followers alike will enjoy Iron Man 3, as long as the Iron Man fans understand that movies need to adapt certain things to appeal to a larger audience. Just take a couple deep breaths and you’ll be fine, then your mind will melt out of sheer awesomeness from the action scenes.


More info on Iron Man 3 can be found at Marvel.com

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 130 Minutes

rating 8.5 I suddenly have a craving for shawarma   Iron Man 3 Review



TheGeekHq Rating: 8.5/10


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