I Need a Bluetooth Speaker that Freakin’ Rocks… – JBL Charge Review


So everyone is into this whole portable Bluetooth speaker thing these days. A couple years ago, they were scarce, on not even on the market, and now you have so many options to choose from, you might not even know where to start. Bose? Beats? How about good ole reliable JBL? Well, if you’re looking for the best bang for you buck, look no further than the JBL Charge.

This thing freakin’ rocks. After some research I decided to drop $150 (Amazon.com) on it, and holy crap I wasn’t disappointed. I opened the Amazon box and saw that even the JBL Charge box was made from high grade material. Super thick durable cardboard, with a nice matte finish to it. The box flipped open like I was opening a long lost chest to reveal the JBL Charge nice and snug to its custom fit mold to ensure that nothing would go wrong during shipping. JBL Charge blue 35613369 06 610x436 I Need a Bluetooth Speaker that Freakin Rocks...   JBL Charge Review


I immediately unwrapped it from it’s protective foam and turned it on to discover that it already had a charge to it. I hate it when I get new electronics and I have to wait and charge them before use. This is America, I want it NOW! The speaker was super easy to use, very straightforward. There’s three buttons on the top, power, and volume up and down. Power button turns it on (in case you were confused) and hold down the power button to pair with your Bluetooth device. The JBL Charge will start making a sonar type sound to signify it’s searching and then boom, you’re ready to rock.

I chose a song that had a pretty even balance between treble and bass to test out the speaker for the first time, and man, did it sound good. I turned the volume all the way up on my phone and was impressed with the how loud it got. I thought to myself, is this thing going to be loud enough for when I take it tailgating? Hmmm… Oh yeah, there’s a volume up button on the speaker itself. “I THINK IT GETS LOUD ENOUGH!” I shout to my dog over the blasting music. He may be scared of it now because of the sudden increase in noise… my bad.

Image Charge Side View 01 1024x1024 I Need a Bluetooth Speaker that Freakin Rocks...   JBL Charge Review


One of the reasons this thing has the capabilities to get this loud despite its size is because there’s an intake on the side of the unit. The intake portion really does suck. I put my hand over it to just see how much, the thing is like a low powered vacuum cleaner. Probably not the best idea to keep that thing covered for too long.

If you were wondering how the JBL Charge got its name, well, it’s because it charges your phone. It has a USB port on the opposite side of the intake that charges any portable device. If you’re blasting music outside partying, you don’t have to be tied down to to power outlets. Now, the speaker is reported to last for up to 12 hours of playtime, I’d like to see how long the thing lasts while it’s charging and playing music at a loud enough volume. Probably not very long, but you know what…still an awesome speaker, and totally worth the purchase.Image Charge Side View with iPhone I Need a Bluetooth Speaker that Freakin Rocks...   JBL Charge Review

The JBL Charge comes with a collapsible wall charger and separate USB to mini USB cable to charge the unit. The USB cable looks like a pretty durable cable as well, nothing that will be torn to shreds with minimal use, definitely nothing you have to worry about breaking. And if it does break, totally replaceable at any electronics store for minimal out of pocket cost. Also included is a black case made of like wetsuit material or something, great for protecting your new investment.

If you’re in the market for a new Bluetooth speaker, seriously, check out the JBL Charge. Less complicated that the Bose units, less expensive, and is still loud enough for almost any occasion without sacrificing sound quality.


10 I Need a Bluetooth Speaker that Freakin Rocks...   JBL Charge Review




TheGeekHq Rating: 10/10

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