Jetpack Joyride


There are very few things more awesome in the gaming world than getting an awesome game for free, and Jetpack Joyride definitely is one of those awesome things. Smartphone and tablet games can be hit or miss. You might download a highly entertaining game for free, while the game you paid for is the one you immediately delete without hesitation if you get that dreaded low memory warning. However, Jetpack Joyride, no matter how simple of a concept it is, is one game you’re guaranteed to get addicted to.

The majority of us in our younger years have spent countless amounts of hours either in a computer class or killing time between classes in the library playing the infamous helicopter game, and bragging about your distance traveled, generally to people that didn’t really care in the first place. You click to make the chopper go up, release to go down, all while weaving through a cave. Why you’re flying a helicopter in a cave in the first place, is beyond me, feel free to let me know.

 Jetpack Joyride

i immediately regret this decision

Jetpack Joyride takes that addictive game, and put a new twist on the concept. You’re now an adventure man escaping from the evil scientists lair after breaking into it to “acquire” their secret jetpack designs. Also, Halfbrick Studios, the peoples that made the game, added upgradable jetpacks with different features, the ability to run on the ground, coins to make purchases, and different power ups along the level to help you along the way. Power ups consist of things like a teleportation device, a motorcycle, a reverse gravity suit, a mechanical bird, and a fire-breathing dragon. Additional power ups can be purchased from the menu to be used during the level.

 Jetpack Joyride

Nothin’ like fleeing a crime scene on a Harley

As far as upgrading the cave goes, Halfbrick Studios did an ok job…they only added freaking lasers and missiles to the game! The character jetpacks through the game trying to avoid all of the lasers and missiles while collecting coins, and burning up fleeing evil scientists just for the fun of it (it’s ok, they’re evildoers).

 Jetpack Joyride

Apparently these evil scientists couldn’t get sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads either

If you play games on your smartphone or tablet, this game is definitely a must get. And if you don’t play games on your phone or tablet, get it anyway, you’ll play this game once and want to play more. It’s super addictive, and simple enough to not be too frustrating. Everything a growing gamer needs.

More information of Jetpack Joyride can be found on Halfbrick Studios’ website at

 Jetpack Joyride

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