Sarcasm at its finest. Lockout Review.


Has prison overcrowding have you down? Tired of break out attempts? Would you rather have those prisoners asleep for the duration of their stay? Do you leave in the sort of near future? Why not put them all on a space station orbiting the planet in a chemical induced coma?! What could possibly go wrong?

Lockout is a movie based on a man, wrongfully convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the US, who is recruited to save the presidents daughter that just so happens to be held hostage in a space prison overrun by super maximum-security inmates. Seems like a pretty outrageous concept for a movie, right? That’s what I was thinking, but decided to give it a shot anyway.

lockout guy pearce1 Sarcasm at its finest. Lockout Review.

“Here’s an apple and a shotgun, don’t talk to strangers” – Snow

I wasn’t disappointed. I actually enjoyed Lockout. Granted, yes, the plot is kind of stupid and wildly outrageous, but the dialogue and action completely makes up for it. The main character Snow, played by Guy Pearce, is such a sarcastic human being it’s hilarious. Even the opening credits are great to watch because it immediately gives you a feel for the amount of humorous sarcasm you’re about to endure. It doesn’t stop for the entire movie. There’s just a-hole one liner after one liner. Normally a role of that nature undergoes a character arc of some sort, and he does, but he’s still an a-hole after all of it. Excellent.

There aren’t any plot holes in the story, and with such a simple story, how could there be? There’s a little bit of plot build up in the beginning, then it’s right into the action. The story and establishing all of the characters does move a bit quickly. Also, the prisoners seem very organized and ready for this type of situation because they seem to take control as if they had been planning this for years. So that is a bit unusual, but once you get past that part, it’s enjoyable again.

lockout movie 2012 inmates danterants blogspot com Sarcasm at its finest. Lockout Review.

Yea…these are some of the organized guys…

If you’re a sarcastic person and like watching a hardcore a-hole similar to Duke Nukem, then you’ll enjoy this movie. I know I did. You just need to be able to overlook the lack of, randomness, and a believable storyline. Other movies I’ve torn down because of this, but Lockout was thoroughly entertaining because of the humor and overall badassism.




7 Sarcasm at its finest. Lockout Review.



G.I.A. Rating: 7/10

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 95 Minutes


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