Max Payne 3 Review

Max Payne 3 is played like any other third person shooter but with one key difference, the ability to use bullet time. Bullet time causes time to match a bullet’s speed which allows you to aim carefully to take out a group of thugs quickly and efficiently.

I would say the story of this game is on par with the previous Max Paynes, well a little better than Max Payne 2, but still. Max is hired out as a bodyguard for an elite upper class group of people. Eventually the main girl you’re protecting, Fabiana gets kidnapped (surprise, surprise) and the game revolves around this plot line as you reveal a larger story.

Max is stuck in grief over the loss of his daughter and wife years ago. So as redemption, he sees that protecting Fabiana is like redeeming himself of not being able to save his wife and child.  maxpayne3 2075 1920 22196 nphd Max Payne 3 Review

As far as the game play, it’s pretty awesome. You run and gun taking out baddy after baddy. And as you go into bullet time, you can easily take out large groups of people. But with every game there are going to be little annoyances here and there.

For some reason they went with a limit on how many weapons you can carry. I understand that this is more a realistic point, but at some points it can be a hindrance. Like when you’re overrun by the insane amount of thugs the game sends at you and you run out of ammo. Lovely, time to make a run for more ammo and hope for the best.

I also experienced an issue with random weapons being swapped in my inventory. After a cut scene where Max is seen carrying a certain weapon, it’ll put it into your inventory and replace whatever gun you previously had in there. Hopefully an update will come out soon to fix that.  Max Payne 3 008 Max Payne 3 Review

Overall there are many little issues with this game. Little things here and there that will make you want to hurl your controller at the wall. But if you power through those rough moments you’ll thoroughly enjoy Max Payne 3. It’s non-stop hardcore gun slinging thug killing action. As for replay value, there simply is none. It’ll sit on the shelf until you see it months later during a boredom spell. Best to rent, Gamefly, or buy used just to be safe. But if you do pay full price, it’s not disappointing.


7.51 Max Payne 3 Review

G.I.A. Rating: 7.5/10

ESRB Rating: M

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