Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The Mission Impossible franchise hasn’t had much luck in the past. The first was mediocre, let’s just not mention the second one, and the third was a bit better, thanks with the help of J.J. Abrams. Well, Mr. Abrams is back for another in the series, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

We join Ethan Hunt on a mission gone wrong. IMF is shut down after it’s blamed for bombing the Kremlin. Hunt and his team then go rogue to prove their innocence. Seems simple enough, avoid all police, break into the most secure places, and stop a criminal mastermind from destroying the world.

 Mission Impossible   Ghost Protocol


Ghost Protocol is filled with action and excellent comedy relief thanks to Simon Pegg. If you don’t know who Simon Pegg is, stop everything you’re doing and find a way to watch Shaun of the Dead right now. Pegg does an excellent job in Ghost Protocol portraying a new agent out in the field, confused at what to do sometimes, but still great at his computer skills.

 Mission Impossible   Ghost Protocol

red is dead…you’ll get it after the movie

If you’re a fan of the other Mission Impossible movies, strap yourself in for a whole new experience. If you weren’t a fan, it’s still a pretty entertaining movie to see. There’s an even balance of action and plot build up to where you wont get lost watching, and enough one liner comedy if you do. The story seems believable… enough, it’s not too far out of this world.  The thrilling aspect pulls you in, and leaves you waiting for the next action scene, which there are plenty of. I’m not going to go as far to say that this is a must see. I thoroughly enjoyed Ghost Protocol to the MAX, but with ticket prices skyrocketing, if you’re debating between Ghost Protocol and another movie, I would wait for more reviews, and come to a logical conclusion. I’m not going to take the responsibility to tell you to go see it or not. It’s a mediocre overall movie, but a superb action spy movie.

7.5 Mission Impossible   Ghost Protocol



G.I.A. Rating 7.5/10

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 133 min

More information on Ghost Protocol can be found on the Mission Impossible website at http://www.missionimpossible.com/




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