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Alright, this item may be a bit outdated, but believe it or not, some people actually still use these things…*ahem* and I’m one of them. I just don’t like the interference I encounter with the FM transmitters, although I admit I haven’t tried the high end ones, mostly because I’m cheap. I’m a geek on a budget people! With that being said, one can come to the conclusion that I also don’t own a car with an AUX input, because why the hell would I need one of these. I may cry myself to sleep at night. It’s a toss up.

Moving on. For those of you that still use these cassette adapters, you’d think going with a reputable brand like Monster would be a good choice, and normally it is. I have a ton of Monster cables for usage elsewhere, for guitars, speakers and whatnot. Great sound quality for the price, so with my good experience with the brand, I decided to try their tape adapter.

61CLmLuNwdL. SL1500  Brace Yourselves For Old Tech!   Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter ReviewUnfortunately, I didn’t have the experience I usually have with other Monster products. Now the issues I have had with this Monster iCarPlay device aren’t really all that bad, it could be worse, they’re just small little annoying things.

First off, right out of the packaging, the tape adapter keeps ejecting. It’ll play for a couple of seconds, and then the player will spit out the tape. With a quick Google search, it turns out my car has an auto reverse feature, pretty snazzy…if it were 1988. Anyway, the auto reverse feature keeps interrupting the tape and thinking the tape is done or something so it ejects it.

51sf10SSGkL. SL1500  Brace Yourselves For Old Tech!   Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter Review

That frickin’ red thing on the right. Damn auto reverse.

A few YouTube videos later and taking stuff out of the Monster iCarPlay, holding the cable this way and that, I found out if you open the sucker and have the cable come out the other side of the tape it works. It stops ejecting the damn thing. Damn car, damn adapter, they’re both to blame. So if you’re encountering this problem, having the logo side down when you insert the adapter may fix it, just be cautious of the cable. Don’t want that thing roaming freely inside your player.

monster 1024x1024 Brace Yourselves For Old Tech!   Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter ReviewOnto the next issue I had. It seems to rattle a bit much. I understand there are a lot of moving parts involved with a cassette tape, but I’ve had other tape adapters that were MUCH quieter than this one. Not a big deal when the music is at a cruising volume, but if the volume is lowered and you’re approaching a stop light or stuck in traffic, or on the rare occasion not playing music at all, you’ll be very aware that the adapter is still chuggin’ along.

Finally, the last complaint, that dreaded data sound when your phone is next to speakers. SUPER annoying when you receive the amount of data on your phone like I do and you were just in the middle of that epic power ballad. The noise never happened with old adapters, but as soon as I made the switch to the Monster iCarPlay, frickin’ thing buzzes away.

51ze8HqxzLL. SL1500  Brace Yourselves For Old Tech!   Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter ReviewI’ve read that one solution to this issue is to pick up a set of snap on ferrite choke cores from Radio Shack for about $2.99. Apparently snapping those suckers on your adapter cable in a magical arrangement eliminates the noise. Haven’t tried it out personally, so don’t’ quote me on it, but it seems logical enough. Links to those magical items are below:

Ferrite Choke Cores from Radio Shack

Here’s one guys arrangement – posted in the comments – for eliminating the noise.

Now unfortunately I can’t give the Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter the review other Monster products get. It just wasn’t up to par with what I was expecting, but then again, it’s very rare that I run into a tape adapter that stands out from the rest. If you’re willing to put in the little bit of extra effort, the sound quality is great, but I’d rather just buy one that works straight out of the package.


rating 5.5 Brace Yourselves For Old Tech!   Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter Review




TheGeekHq Rating: 5.5/10

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