Nashville Plot Summary and Review


This show is my new secret (or not so secret) obsession. For quite some time I have wanted to move to Nashville – I LIVE for country music and even sing as a hobby. Therefore, I LOVE this show so far. It’s got all the basic dramatic elements and dynamic characters. The plot seems to grow deeper with each episode and we continue to find out more about each character.

I was so shocked and impressed by both Connie Britton (Rayna James) and Hayden Panettier (Juliette Barnes). Not only are they great actresses, but WOW can they sing!

Rayna James is a Reba McIntire type character that’s older now, but was a huge country music sensation in her younger years. Although she continues to be a star and loved by many, newcomer Juliette Barnes is stealing her fame and stomping on it in the process.Nashville TV Show 640 Nashville Plot Summary and Review 

Rayna has been asked by her record label to team up with Juliette Barnes (aka, open for her) in order to have better ticket sales than a solo tour. Rayna is appalled by the mere thought of this and has no intentions with teaming up with Juliette – especially after the first thing Juliette snidely says upon meeting Rayna is, “my mama used to play your music while I was still in your tummy.”

Rayna is tired from her years on the road, while leaving her husband and two daughters at home. She also has a history with her band-mate Deacon, but eventually chose her husband over him, although the two still remain too close for anyone who is married in my opinion. They know it too.

Deacon is also a songwriter and Juliette Barns not only has her eye on him for his music-writing abilities, but for his skills in bed as well. Juliette is deceitful and conniving, but manages to get Deacon wrapped around her finger within just one episode.

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Juliette has a drug-addict mother she doesn’t speak to and you can tell she hides her pain beneath her relationships with men. Nevertheless, you find yourself sympathizing with her about her mother and her drugs, but immediately despising her for the things she says to Rayna and the disrespect she shows to basically anyone around her that doesn’t give her exactly what she wants.

In a sideline story, a local waitress is pulled up on stage during an open mic night at the restaurant she works at by a friend who recently read a poem of hers and insisted on turning it into a song. A big name producer Watty White (JD Souther) happens to hear and asks them to record a demo.

I look forward to watching this season and seeing the rivalry between Rayna and Juliette grow. I am curious to find out if they end up touring together, if Juliette will steal Deacon, and if the waitress and her friend will score a record contract. Nashville, here I come!

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10pm pst. on ABC. More information on Nashville can be found on ABC’s website at


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