Nyko Charge Base S

Surprising results from a questionable product.

At first glance the Nyko Charge Base S for Xbox 360 seems shady at best. I rarely trust products that try too hard to make their packaging look similar to their more prominent competitor, and Nyko definitely tried too hard.

Features and Contents:

-       Charge base (obviously)

-       Two customer rechargeable batteries (yes two… awesome)

-       Duel port charge base is able to charge two controllers at once.

-       LED display indicates when controller is charged.

-       Super secret USB port in the front for mobile device charging.

 Nyko Charge Base S

Indicators and super secret USB charger door

I’ve had the Nyko Charge Base S for about 8 months now, and I can say that I’m pretty happy with it. One of the major user complaints is that the batteries lose their charge too quickly after owning the product for more than a couple of months. After 8 months of use, I have noticed that the batteries do run out of power slightly quicker than when they were new, but it hasn’t been a nuisance so far, at least for me. However, I’m not gaming for 8 hours everyday on a regular basis, so for some of those more hardcore gamers out there, I can understand how some batteries might lose their charge quickly.

Although, with daily usage and not a nightly recharge, the batteries from my Nyko last for probably 15 hours of gameplay before they need to be charged again. Also, I have never run into one of the biggest pet peeves of gamers, seeing the dreaded “Please reconnect controller” in the middle of an online battle.

reconnect Nyko Charge Base S

In total rage mode, just kickin’ some a— NO! damn you!

The actual charging base is the main reason why this product intrigued me. It’s über convenient to just toss the controller on the charging base, and not have to remove a battery every time it needs charging. The base itself looks pretty sleek. Its nice and slim and the color scheme matches most home theater equipment, so it blends in well. The LED display has a fancy little controller indicating controller one or two and red or green lights under indicator depending on the stage of the charge.

The Nyko Charge Base S is a great value. It retails for about $24.99 at multiple retailers. Considering the Xbox version goes for about the same price and has only one battery, $24.99 seems like a pretty awesome deal.

 Nyko Charge Base S

Overall, this product is for the gamer that isn’t constantly on their Xbox. If your spending hours upon hours…upon hours a day with a controller in your hand, go with the official Xbox batteries and charging equipment of your choice, they tend to last a bit longer. However, if you’re the average gamer, and want to save a couple of bucks, the Nyko Charge Base S is a great alternative.

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