Our Idiot Brother

This story revolves around the life of Ned (Paul Rudd) who, to his sisters, is perceived as an idiot. He is more of the harmless, free spirited, hippie type. He means well, and while is actions are of the genuine nature, the outcomes are rarely the best.

Ned is thrown into jail for selling marijuana to a cop at a swap meet, and after being released from jail, he has to live with family, due to losing his home to his hippie organic farming girlfriend and her new boyfriend. The sisters are not at all thrilled to have Ned living in their homes, and think of him as an idiot, and want him give up his lifestyle and live their version of a normal life. Our Idiot Brother 09 1024x550 Our Idiot Brother

The cast does an excellent job portraying their characters. Every role is believable, and Paul Rudd as Ned is a perfect match. It’s as if Paul Rudd is actually like this in his every-day life, and even though it is not, it just seems to suit him.

Our Idiot Brother is categorized as a heart-warming comedy. While it does have the heart-warming aspect, it does lack a little in the comedy section. To me, it was more of a light drama with a little bit of comedy thrown into it just for relief. Although, to be honest, I did go into this movie expecting it to be one of those usual Paul Rudd comedies that I have grown to enjoy so much. our idiot brother Our Idiot Brother

If you are looking for a side slitting comedy this weekend, Our Idiot Brother is not the movie you should be looking for. If you are in the mood for a nice little feel good movie with a little bit of moments that make you chuckle this is a perfect movie for you. It’s Our Idiot Brother is a nice little pick me up movie, that while it is not fun for the whole family, it has the potential for entertainment, depending on your mood.


6 Our Idiot Brother

G.I.A. Rating: 6/10

MPAA Rating: R

Runtime: 90

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