Pacific Rim Trailer


Guillermo del Toro didn’t end up directing The Hobbit, which we are all extremely thankful for because it allowed Peter Jackson to step back into the ring. We’re also extremely excited because it allowed del Toro to make Pacific Rim… and it looks sick!! Basically, this movie is what Godzilla, Transformers, Battleship, and Cloverfield all wanted to do. While I love each of those movies in their own regard, I can’t help but think this movie will fulfill every childhood imagination from the days of playing with toys my room. Giant Aliens Vs. Giant Robots? Sure, sounds like a production done by The Asylum, but with the director of Pans Labrynth and Hellboy behind it, I can’t help but hype it up to the fullest.







pacific rim featured 150x78 Pacific Rim Trailer

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