Pitch Perfect Blu-ray Review

It took ages to get my boyfriend to watch this movie with me. What is it about musically involved movies that drives men running? Whatever. It took a long day at work and a needed relaxation night for him to surprise me with the Blu-ray ready to watch.

Well, I think we were both surprised given the random bits of somewhat inappropriate, yet hilarious humor. Then again, Rebel Wilson is a main character. Still, she wasn’t even the character to deliver such lines. Not to say we didn’t laugh, because we did! I am all for the kind of humor some people would scoff at. And I am not saying this is some offensive movie in any way. The jokes just come out of left field and it makes it all that much more funny.

Second surprise: major projectile vomiting scenes. Hilarious, disgusting, and unexpected.

Another surprise? Anna Kendrick can sing! (Okay, maybe those of you who listen to Top 40 music may know this, but me? I listen to country and had no idea!) And Brittany Snow loves to burst in on her showering. But I will let you watch to enjoy more of that.

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You’re Welcome

Anna Kendrick’s character, Beca, is strong, creative, and even a powerful force that drives through the end of the movie. Rebel Wilson delivers a good performance, randomly funny, although playing the role she normally does while going by the name “Fat Amy.” Not to say she wasn’t good, but it wasn’t much of anything different than we have seen before from her, except she can sing too! Another singing shocker? Umm… Adam DeVine. The short dude from Workaholics can sing and dance. Watch to see for yourself.

Pitch Perfect 3 Pitch Perfect Blu ray ReviewReally, each character had dynamic and a comedic element that made you want to keep watching. You have everything from the stubborn, OCD-ridden Bellas leader (the Bellas are the all-girl singing group that Anna Kendrick joins) who can’t control her nerves to a wannabe-singer, uber-geek who is so odd (but cool!) it makes you kind of want to hang out with him, and kind of run away.

maxresdefault Pitch Perfect Blu ray ReviewThe Blu-ray special features are incredibly enjoyable as well. It’s packed with a ton of stuff you actually would enjoy watching as opposed to the normal dry commentary (sorry if you love that stuff! Not my cup of tea). There’s a bunch of filmed extras and behind the scenes stuff, like the making of the burrito drive by scene. Hilarious! And with the hilarity that went on in the movie, the Line-o-rama in the special features is side splitting.If you liked the movie, take the extra time to watch the special features.

Overall, not the chick flick I thought it was going to be. It was funnier and more interesting than I had anticipated, and I didn’t find myself bored once. To be honest, I want to watch it again right now. Go Bellas!

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