Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special Synopsis and Review


Avast Ye! Be warned, spoilers afoot!

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I can’t lie. I have a soft spot for corny shows that are most likely aimed towards teens. I just get wrapped up into the ridiculous drama and story lines. Case in point: Pretty Little Liars. The show is a joke if you think about it – 4 girls being stalked and threatened by a person via text is something you can easily track if you just went to the police.

But in any case, it’s basis of the show as their stalker “A” has the sole purpose of tormenting main characters Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Emily (Shay Mitchell).

This Halloween episode – a prelude to the next season, which will come back in January – is based on a train to Rosewood. It’s a Halloween party that turns out to be, wait for it, a murder scene. This is cliché for the show, but somehow still captivating. The four girls are all on the train, along with everyone from Garret (suspected killer of their murdered friend, Alison) to Jason (Spencer’s older brother) who suddenly just shows up back in town after being gone. Spencer is also accompanied by her boyfriend Toby, who we recently discovered is part of team A. WHAT!? I actually didn’t see that one coming.

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Back at home, Hanna’s mom Ashley is with her new boyfriend handing out Halloween candy, when a creepy little girl comes in through the back door wanting to use the phone to call her mom. Ashley lets her use the phone and leaves the kitchen to answer the door. When she returns the little girl is nowhere to be found. Ashley searches the house and finds the little girl sitting on Hanna’s bed, still saying she needs to call her mom. Ashley touches the little girl’s hand to find she is ice cold. Ashley becomes startled and goes to get the little girl a blanket to come back and find the little girl gone again. Was the little girl a ghost? If so, what relevance does she have to the story line? Who knows? Maybe we will find out more when the season kicks back up in January.

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And hopefully that ghost will be replaced with this one.

Back on the bus, the suspense escalades quickly into the climax of the episode when Aria is taken by the masked person and is duct taped and stuffed into a wooden crate. Amidst her horror, she turns to find Garret’s dead body resting on her. Soon enough, Aria’s friends realize she is missing and start searching the train. Of course, just as the crate Aria is in is about to fall off the back of the train, her friends figure out she’s inside and pull it back to safety.

Turns out A apparently sees everything, since you know, us humans have magic powers. (As you can tell, as much as I get sucked into this show, I find it outrageous!) Shortly before Garret’s death, he revealed a new detail from the night of Ali’s death: that the last time Garret saw Alison, she was talking with Aria’s father. This obviously leads us to question if Aria’s father has a role in Ali’s disappearance and even death?

The episode ends with Mona in her hospital room, with the mask seen on the train underneath her bed. There is also a random ending scene of a hand coming out of the ground somewhere. Whose hand is it? Was Mona on the train? Guess we will just have to wait until January to find out more.

Embarrassing as it is, the suspense is killing me.

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Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family January 8th.

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