Get the Retirees Back Together! – Red 2 Review

Retired. Extremely Dangerous. What happens to spies after they retire? Do they live normal lives like everyone else? They worry about taking a few strokes off their golf games perhaps? The Red franchise has something else to say about retired spies and how they conduct themselves in their free time.

red2 Get the Retirees Back Together!   Red 2 ReviewBruce Willis plays retired spy Frank Moses who tries to live a normal life with his girlfriend, Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker). While on a seemingly boring shopping trip at a bulk warehouse type store, Frank is approached by his old friend Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich). Marvin feels as if he is being followed, which is no surprise if you’ve seen the first one, that Marvin feels this way. After a series of events, it turns out that Marvin appears to be right. After tons of action and more comedy (being purposely vague because I don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t seen it yet) the old team once again needs to come out of retirement to save the world from a mysterious secret weapon of mass destruction.

mirrensniperRED2 Get the Retirees Back Together!   Red 2 ReviewThe movie is filled with everything they could possibly pack into it, assassins, relationships, crazy paranoid Marvin, shoot-outs, fistfights, Anthony Hopkins out of nowhere, and even ex-girlfriends, literally everything. Even with all the variety of awesome packed into this movie it’s not too complicated.

The additions to the cast and plot lines make Red 2 even more enjoyable than the first. The comedy is always perfectly timed, and there are a ton of subtle jokes scattered about. John Malkovich’s Marvin character is hilarious to see on screen, I would totally hang out with that guy in real life, just to see what he would do next.

Red2Trailer1 Get the Retirees Back Together!   Red 2 ReviewIf you liked the first Red movie, you’ll love Red 2. If you haven’t seen the first one, Red 2 is still a great movie. It may take you a bit longer to pick up on the relationships as new characters come into play, but it’s only a few moments. Everything is clearly laid out for the new viewers, but it doesn’t waste too much time to put off the fans of the first. Excellent movie overall. I can’t wait to see it again.


rating 8.5 Get the Retirees Back Together!   Red 2 Review




TheGeekHq Rating: 8/10

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