Safe Review

In the mood for action? Don’t want to waste any time with that compelling story and superb plot nonsense? Safe is the movie for you. The story is kind of…lame to say the least, but let’s be honest, when’s the last time you went to see a Jason Statham movie to see a great story line. You see a Statham movie to see him beat the hell out of a bunch of people. Safe movie 42 1024x682 Safe Review

Safe is about a young girl, Mei, whose memory holds a priceless numerical code that unlocks the key to the universe, not really, but it’s important. So important, that she finds herself being pursued by the Triads, Russian Mob, and corrupt NYC cops. Statham comes to her aid, and he just so happens to be an ex cage fighter whose life was destroyed by the very people that are trying to get Mei. How convenient. Like I said, not a very good story.

But the action totally kicks ass. It’s thoroughly entertaining, and Statham does what he does best. Fight an insane amount of people and completely destroys them so there is no hope of recovery for them. safe Safe Review

There’s an over-abundance of explosions, gun battles, and hand to hand combat with excellent choreography. If you’re a fan of Statham, you’ll enjoy this movie. If you enjoyed movies like The Mechanic, Blitz, and the Transporter, than you’ll definitely enjoy this. If you don’t like cliché outrageous over the top action movies, then save you time and money and go see something else, as you’ll probably be pissed walking out of the theater.

7 Safe Review


G.I.A. Rating: 7/10

MPAA Rating: R

Runtime: 94 Minutes

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