Time to blow some sh*t up! – Saints Row 4 Review


Do you love Crackdown? Do you love Saint Row? Well apparently someone had the idea to light some candles, put on some Barry White, and get these two games together in a room, because Saints Row 4 is like the awesome love child of these two games. It’s everything you loved in Crackdown, the insane jumping, the super strength, jumping off skyscrapers, combined with the insanity that is Saints Row, the blowing crap up, pulling someone out of their car just to beat them up for no reason at all, and just the sheer rampage of the game.

Saints Row starts with the President fighting off an alien invasion army and trying to save the world from complete destruction/domination. Well not to give too much away, but the President fails and is then put into a virtual perfect world to try and keep them under control. Of course this doesn’t work because let’s face it, the President doesn’t likes being crazy. The perfect world is then transformed into your old city where you have to romp around and try to find a way to free yourself and the rest of the world. Kind of a Matrixy type theme to this whole thing, where the President can do all this crazy stuff, but with aliens.

Ancient Aliens Time to blow some sh*t up!   Saints Row 4 ReviewThe new weapons in this one get a little intense being that the aliens like to leave their shit lying around apparently. There are plenty to choose from, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and of course the explosives category. Probably what most of us end up using the most. I mean why not? It goes boom. There is an explosive gun that stands above the rest, the Black Hole Launcher. This baby does exactly what the name says it does, it launched a freaking black hole! All your enemies, surrounding cars, and pretty much everything else within the gravitational pull of the black hole get sucked into it. After a few seconds it collapses on itself and explodes. Coolest weapon ever, I want one.

Black hole Launcher Time to blow some sh*t up!   Saints Row 4 ReviewHonorable mention for best weapon, the Abduct-o-matic. While not a whole lot of destruction is caused by this weapon, it’s sure a lot of fun to fire it and see people get abducted into the sky.

There are also a few options of skins for certain weapons, and depending on what movie weapon you like best, you can switch them up. There are a TON of references to movies and such while you flip through the different customization skins for weapon. you can have Captain Reynolds’ pistol, Han Solo’s blasters, Robo Cop’s pistol, a Jawa blaster, Agent J’s Noisey Cricket, and few other weapons from great movies, rocket launcher from Desperado, seriously the list goes on.

Alright moving onto the powers. You have all the basics from Crackdown, super jump, super strength, although there’s no car lifting in this one, boo. You can use your telekinesis to throw them across the map though, yay! Oh yeah, you have telekinesis, just start huckin’ crap all over the place! Mind control, makes your enemies your allies. Fire ball shooting abilities, lighting out of your fingertips (be all like “and now young Skywalker, you will die) super sprint, the list goes on and on. To top it all off, you can glide like a flying squirrel through the air. Super sprint, super jump, and just glide to your destination.

saints row 4 Time to blow some sh*t up!   Saints Row 4 ReviewOverall Saints Row 4 is a pretty great game. Hours upon hours of game play, tons of activities and missions to accomplish, the dialogue is funny, and you get to blow stuff up. Pretty awesome. As with every single player game I play, Saints Row 4 is more of a rental. There’s very little replay value once the game is completed, maybe it could be replayed after you mash through a couple other games after. Gamefly it, and enjoy.


rating 8.5 Time to blow some sh*t up!   Saints Row 4 Review




TheGeekHq Rating: 8.5/10

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