Get your dancin’ shoes on – Silver Linings Playbook Review

Yet another “love movie” that took FOREVER to get Jake to agree to watch with me. I realize now I sound needy. I don’t need anyone to watch a movie with me, but when you live in a 600-square-foot apartment with one television, and the Blu-ray about to be released, he doesn’t have a choice. Muahahaha!

To be honest, I am not one of those people who is easily influenced when it comes to movies winning awards. Especially snobby ones like an Academy Award. I respect it and know it’s a huge honor to actors and filmmakers and everyone else who is apart of these major motion pictures, but let’s be honest, most of the movies are not the type of movie everyone and their mom would want to see. They are unique and brilliant, but ehhhh not always thrilling or exciting. Basically, coming from the girl who loves Elf and Just Friends, those kind of movies aren’t my cup of tea.

 Get your dancin shoes on   Silver Linings Playbook ReviewNow that I am done with my side-note rant about the Academy Awards, let me get to my point. I wasn’t actually intrigued by this movie until it started getting nominations and people began talking about it. Awards may not sway me, but I am easily swayed by IMDB and other Internet reviews. And once this movie started gaining some attention, I was on board. C’mon, it’s Bradley Cooper. You don’t have to convince me too much to flip on a movie and star into his beautiful blue eyes (sorry Jake). And what man doesn’t want to watch Jennifer Lawrence shake what her momma gave her? Please, anyone should enjoy that!

Obviously, this movie won some highly regarded awards and they are well deserved. The acting from Cooper and Lawrence was stellar.

The way Cooper embodies his character is so powerful you would never know he was the same guy who played the teacher who uses his student’s field trip money to go to Vegas in The Hangover. That’s proof of a true, talented actor. His character is dark, disturbed, but creative and energetic and you only want to see him improve, and you shutter at his downfalls. You route for him throughout the entire film.

HQ Silver Linings Playbook stills jennifer lawrence 32929071 2616 2120 Get your dancin shoes on   Silver Linings Playbook ReviewLawrence brings the movie hope and also distraught. She definitely earned that Academy Award. Her acting was impeccable and you really fell into her warped world and wanted to see her pull herself out.

Cooper and Lawrence’s characters are so complicated on their own, that when their lives intertwine, it sucks you into the plot and has you wanting to see more.

Overall, great movie. Deserved its awards in all respects. It’s entertaining and has many different elements that will intrigue most, if not all, viewers.

Silver 3 Get your dancin shoes on   Silver Linings Playbook Review

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