Girls, Gadgets, and Gorgeous Cars; BOND IS BACK! Skyfall Review

Laying Quad AW 23989 Skyfall1 300x225 Girls, Gadgets, and Gorgeous Cars; BOND IS BACK! Skyfall ReviewWith so much hype to live up to being the 50 year Bond anniversary; Skyfall certainly meets and surpasses expectations of everything it should be. This film puts a whole new spin on everything, think Batman Begins for the James Bond franchise. It is a brillant Bond film that truly does justice to the Bond legacy; with so many little ode’s to the previous film’s, chances are you’ll find yourself clapping if you’re aren’t a die hard fan. The camera work is beautiful; the story is brillant, and  it really is action packed from opening scene to the final frame. This film a simple recipe that goes back to films like Dr. No and Goldfinger, If you are going into this looking for something like Quantum of Solace, please save your money; and go set yourself on fire; as you have no idea what being an MI6 Agent is all about. If you enjoyed Casino Royal, I suggest you buy your iMax tickets now; because this will be film our generation associates 007 with. Without spoiling ANYTHING else go enjoy a nice martini Shakin’ not stirred; and see Skyfall; in theaters November 9th!

G.I.A. rating: 8 150x17 Girls, Gadgets, and Gorgeous Cars; BOND IS BACK! Skyfall Review 8/10

Rated PG-13

Runtime: 144 Minutes


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