Sam Fisher is Back! – Splinter Cell Blacklist Review


Sam Fisher is back with old friends, and a new voice! Seriously, it’s no longer the awesome voice of Michael Ironside. The torch has been passed to a dude named Eric Johnson, who seems to pop up here and there, and has the credits to support the theory. He does an excellent job, no complaints with the voice acting, I just forgot about the change up and it caught me off guard.

The single player campaign is the usual awesomeness that is Splinter Cell. I’ve been a huge fan of these games from the beginning and they just keep getting better and better. One thing is for sure, if you want to complete the game the true Splinter Cell way, you’re going to need a hell of a lot of patience. With Splinter Cell Blacklist however, you’re able to just run and gun through the entire game if you deem it necessary. I know you were able to in previous ones, but not like this. There is a plethora of gadgets available, and sneaking around everyone just doesn’t seem right when you have every type of grenade at your disposal.

Speaking of which, there’s just a metric ass ton to choose from before going on a mission. Do I want to take the proximity mines, or do I want the sleep gas grenades? Should I take incendiary grenades or should I take my freaking personal heli-drone that can shoot people with sticky shockers? Booya! Hours of entertainment flying that thing.

TRIROTOR 102094 Sam Fisher is Back!   Splinter Cell Blacklist ReviewThere’s also an abundance of weapons to choose from. Just wide ranges of pistols, sub machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and what the hell some shotguns. I guess that option is for the run and gun people. New weapons can be purchased with money you make from completing missions, or by upgrading certain aspects of the ship. I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but some people like to have better accommodations than the rest and will reward you with instruments of death.

Splinter Cell Sam Fisher is Back!   Splinter Cell Blacklist ReviewThe story itself is actually kind of thrilling. Sometimes one may run into a video game where the story makes little sense, or that it doesn’t really involve what is exactly going on during gameplay, so skipping it doesn’t really matter. Splinter Cell Blacklist has a story that is relevant, understandable, and could have even been a movie. I’d buy the goddamn DVD…you know if the academy didn’t send them to me for free. (bonus points for anyone that names the movie quote).  There’s tons of action sequences during the cinematics, and the dialogue is very well acted out by the actors.

SC Blacklist 1024x576 Sam Fisher is Back!   Splinter Cell Blacklist ReviewSplinter Cell Blacklist, if you liked the previous games, you’ll love this one. If you didn’t like the previous ones, play this one and just run through shooting everything, still loads of fun. The only downside with Splinter Cell games is that the replay value is somewhat low. They tried to make Blacklist better with multiplayer and friend challenges to earn money, but it still just wasn’t enough for me. Great game, just more of a rental than an own because of it, but that’s how I always am with games mostly distributed for single player use… plus I’m cheap.


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