Canon EOS Rebel t3i 600D


Looking for a professional camera that can also shoot video, but doesn’t have the hefty price tag of a 5D or 7D? Previously, you would look into the EOS rebel t2i also known as the 550D, but Canon released the new t3i 600D earlier this year, and added one feature that is a huge help.

Generally, if you were to use an SLR camera to shoot video you’d go with the 5D, or at the very least a 7D, but some of us don’t have $3,000 lying around to spend on a camera. For the geek on a budget, we present the 600D. If you’re looking for a great camera that can shoot full 1080p for an inexpensive price, the t2i was the original choice, and it kind of still is.

Here’s a list of differences between the t2i and t3i:

-       Flip out swivel screen

-       That’s about it

 Canon EOS Rebel t3i 600D

One upgrade that makes all the difference.

It’s pretty much the same camera as the previous model, with one major improvement, the swivel screen. Not only is it convenient for shooting at odd angles, but it’s great for storage as well. When you’re done for the day, just swivel the screen back into the body, LCD side in, and it’s protected from anything else that may be rattling around in your camera bag.

The only downside to the t3i that I can find for the geek on a budget is that I tend to get a lot of noise in low light situations. Really? Shooting in low light, creates noise, who would’ve thought?! But seriously, generally when I shoot I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to look at every detail and adjust every setting. Understandable, my fault, but I know with a 5D there’s no issue, but once again that’s quite a bit more money. There is a point to this rant, and it’s that there’s a simple fix, Magic Lantern.

 Canon EOS Rebel t3i 600D

Magic Lantern is 3rd party firmware that can be loaded onto the SD cards you use with your camera. It’s every adjustable setting that Canon doesn’t have on its installed firmware. With all of its mighty adjustable features, you can take a great inexpensive camera, and turn it into an excellent inexpensive camera to shoot with.

The t3i package generally comes with a 18mm to 55mm lens. It’s good enough for the average user, but if you’re looking to get the full use of your camera, you’ll of course need to get another lens. It also includes one battery and a wall charger.

 Canon EOS Rebel t3i 600D

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a lens that works.

Here are the general specs of the t3i:

-       Megapixels – 17.9

-       Light sensitivity – 6,400 ISO

-       Light sensitivity boot – 12,800 ISO

-       Sensor Cleaning – YES

-       Lens mount – Canon EF

-       Screen size – 3”

-       Screen resolution – 1,040k dots

-       Shutter min – 30s

-       Shutter max – 1/4000s

All in all, if you’re looking for a camera to take photos, and you’re occasionally going to shoot video, you might as well save the hundred dollars or so and get the t2i. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive camera to shoot video with, and you’ll occasionally take pictures with it, get the t3i. The flip out screen makes a HUGE difference when shooting video.


7.51 Canon EOS Rebel t3i 600D



G.I.A. Rating 7.5/10

More information on the Canon t3i 600D can be found on Canon’s website at


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