The Dark Knight Rises

Dude…Mind = BLOWN! Christopher Nolan brings an end to his Batman trilogy with the most epic movie of the three, and definitely, in my opinion, one of the most epic movies of all time.

I’ve been a huge fan of Nolan’s Batman movies, but honestly, who isn’t? The thing that attracts me to the movies the most is the fact that there’s very little fiction to the story. Alright I understand, that people can’t get shot with little effect on them, the fighting is choreographed, and it’s probably a bad idea to carelessly handle high explosives, but a lot of the time, you’re thinking to yourself “this could actually happen!” That’s what makes the Batman franchise stand out from other super heroes, and why Nolan’s trilogy has been so entertaining, the non-fiction aspect is turned up to 11 for a comic book movie.

goesto11 The Dark Knight Rises

But this one goes to 11…

“The Dark Knight Rises” brings the dark super hero franchise to new levels of creepiness. Tom Hardy does an excellent job as Bane, demolishing any previous movie version of Bane only portrayed as an idiot henchman. Hardy makes you believe that Bane can actually be out there conducting these acts of lunacy, which makes this movie ultimately creepy. You get so absorbed in everyone’s performance that you begin to believe that Gotham is out there and under attack, then “The Bat” flies by and your shot back into the reality of “oh yeah, this is just a movie…but I still want a Bat Pod”.

 The Dark Knight Rises

I’ll take two, one in black and one in black.

Anne Hathaway was never a favorite actress of mine, whenever I see her, I just think, “hey it’s that ‘Princess Diaries’ girl”, but of course I never say that out loud because that would require me admitting to seeing “The Princess Diaries”. She always seems to play some sort of girl that never really stands out. It is rarely “oh she was great in that movie”, or “you have to see this, she was awesome in it”, but in the case of “The Dark Knight Rises”, she was great in this movie. Hathaway’s portrayal of Cat Woman is the puurrfect (sorry couldn’t resist) antihero to the Dark Knight. She does an excellent job of distinguishing between when she’s working a mark, and when she’s getting ready to kick some ass, and she certainly kicks some ass in this movie.

“The Dark Knight Rises” bring on every aspect of human emotion. You’ll feel scared, angry, sad, and you’ll even laugh. There are great little jokes here and there to bring your spirits back up to escape from the darkness of the movie. It’s just so greatly written to absorb the audience in the action and drama, that it really needs those small breaks of laughter

“The Dark Knight Rises” is currently one of the top rated movies on, and it’s well deserved. It just broke the record for the highest box office opening for 2D movie with an estimated $160 million, and it currently stands in third place for the highest box opening for any movie behind “The Avengers” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2”. I can’t wait to see if this movie will earn any other box office records, because it certainly has the ability to.

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