The Adventures of Tintin Review

A whole new way to view motion capture filmmaking. The Adventures of Tintin brought motion capture technology into a new era of filmmaking. Motion capture (mo-cap) allows filmmakers like Spielberg move the camera in such a way that would be near impossible to achieve in a live action filming style. The Adventures of Tintin 007 The Adventures of Tintin Review

The main character is Tintin, who is the textbook example of a hero, with no super powers of gadgets of course, and uber boy-scout qualities. Jamie Bell is the voice of Tintin, and it fits absolutely perfectly. The role of Captain Haddock, the drunken sailor and Tintin’s ticket to the different destinations on this adventure is voiced by Andy Serkis. Serkis does an impeccable job brining the Drunk Captain to life. Daniel Craig is almost unrecognizable as the voice of the main villain, Sacharine. He changes his very distinguishable voice while playing this character, and it’s almost unbelievable the Daniel Craig is behind the face of Sacharine. Last but certainly not least is Tintin’s dog Snowy. This dog looks and acts like a real dog on screen, and almost makes you forget this movie is an animation. Snowy is simply a joy to watch. adventures of tintin movie image 20 1024x576 The Adventures of Tintin Review

The mo-cap animation has come a long way since previous mo-cap animation movies. The characters don’t give off that creepy vibe that they used to, with their dead like features. The facial features look amazingly realistic. There is so much detail that goes into every character, each individual hair in a beard, wrinkles on faces, and even the eyes, which were a major flaw in previous mo-cap movies, are excellent.  THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN 007 The Adventures of Tintin Review

This movie is obviously about adventure, it’s in the title. Spielberg was the perfect choice. He is the master of adventure films, I mean c’mon, Indiana Jones. The camera angles and movement makes the story come alive and more thrilling to watch.

The Adventures of Tintin is good old fashioned adventure fun for the whole family. The story was well written, the adventure was very entertaining, and the comedic relief is perfectly timed. Spielberg did an excellent job adapting this story for the screen, and all people are certain to enjoy this movie, Tintin fans and newcomers alike.


8 The Adventures of Tintin Review

G.I.A. Rating 8/10

MPAA Rating: PG

Runtime: 107 Minutes

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