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Before walking into a Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis film, you better be open to having a sense of humor. Crude and ridiculous humor are absolutely expected – in fact, if I plan to see a movie with either of these actors, it better have that kind of inappropriate humor that I am not exposed to on a daily basis. It blows my mind when people write about this movie expecting it to be some political masterpiece.

The Campaign The Campaign Review

When I first got wind of this movie, I was so excited. Since The Hangover, Galifianakis has had my attention, and if I ever get the chance to watch him and laugh as much as I did while watching that movie, I jump at the chance. Add Will Ferrell into that mix and it was a must-see movie.

Still, the A list-filled cast was the best part about this movie. Although it attempts to capture both actors’ best, it still falls short of having any real story. That said, it still has a memorable, laugh-out-loud moments, although still very unoriginal. Think raw humor, cheating scandals, and sweater-wearing pugs. Still – it made me laugh and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

I wouldn’t say this is a shining moment for Ferrell or Galifianakis, but their on-screen chemistry worked for the simple storyline. Ferrell’s Cam Brady was just like every character he has ever played – somewhat unimpressive, but come on, it’s still Will Ferrell – no one can deny he’s funny even just standing there. Galifianakis at least brought something new to the table. His performance of the soft-spoken, naive family man, Marty Huggins keeps you laughing throughout. From his undeniably odd family to his strange obsession with pug dogs, he steals the comedic show.

The Campaign2 The Campaign Review

Even so, the film is an amusing stab at politics and while not having much story or meaning, it’s funny enough to at least see once, especially if you are a fan of Ferrell or Galifianakis.

6 The Campaign Review


GIA Rating 6/10

Run Time: 85 minutes

MPAA Rating: R

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