The Dictator Review

One word: meh. And that’s me being nice. (One word: awful!) This movie had the potential to be really funny, but it completely fell short. From lame comparisons to strange character story lines and stupid jokes, this was a huge disappointment for me. I mean, if you have both comedic veteran actors such as Sacha Baron Cohen and Anna Farris, I expected this movie to be hilarious, but I only found myself laughing because I couldn’t believe I actually spent money seeing the movie in theaters. Oh and it’s only 83 minutes (which now I am actually thankful for). Don’t get me wrong, I am very open to the stupid, crude humor that was to be expected from this movie, that isn’t my complaint at all. I just felt that so much could have been done better. Its content lacked memorable moments and definitely was not a film I would consider a comedic classic as some may refer to Borat or Ali G as. Not to mention the plot was lame. For example, I just saw this movie, and I already barely tell you what it was about in detail. It just didn’t make an impact as Baron Cohen or Farris’s previous movies had.

TheDictator2 1024x619 The Dictator Review

Sacha Baron Cohen plays Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen, the dictator of The Republic of Wadiya who finds himself in many supposed to be funny events that just don’t add up. Farris takes on a very different role than what she is accustomed to, and while I still think she’s funny, this definitely wasn’t her best performance.

The plot lacks excitement and mystery – it was a weak comical stab at political satire. Sure, some parts gave me a giggle, but it was mostly out of sympathy. It was poorly written and there was a lack of shock value in which you come to expect out of a Sacha Baron Cohen film.

TheDictator The Dictator Review

Overall, clearly I was disappointed. My suggestion is to save your money, and if you still find yourself curious at all, wait until it’s available for rental.

3 The Dictator Review



GIA Rating: 3/10

Run Time: 83 minutes

MPAA rating: R

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