Liam Neeson, Wolf Hunter. The Grey Review


I’m a big fan of survival shows. They’re just thoroughly entertaining to watch, and they also prepare you slightly for the zombie apocalypse. So when I saw a movie coming out about a group of people stranded out in the Alaskan wilderness, I was intrigued. Then I heard it was starring Liam Neeson, and I was even more intrigued. I then heard about how he would be fighting wolves, and that was it. Does that not seem like an excellent premise for a movie, just Liam Neeson wrecking some wolves in the wilderness with broken alcohol bottles? I was thinking something along the lines of like an awesome 80’s action movie, but I was wrong.

The Grey was a serious movie about a group of drillers flying their way home, when a storm causes their plane to crash in the middle of the Alaskan Wilderness during winter. The remaining survivors now are on a mission to survive the harsh weather conditions, lack of food, and wolves…that seem to fit more into the category of very very aggressive bears. Seriously, not only do they go around full on charging and attacking people, which wolves don’t do, they are like mutantly huge. To give you a comparison, wolves grow to be about 90lbs, these guys in The Grey, they’re probably a good 300lbs.

TheGrey03 web Liam Neeson, Wolf Hunter. The Grey Review

Beware of the bear dog

Now, with me being a survival show enthusiast, I was looking for the things I usually see in those shows, what food are they going to eat, how are they going to make water, how are they going to adapt to the cold weather? But in The Grey, I guess that was just too much of a waste of time for a plot line. They talk about finding food, and they do in fact acquire some at one point, but that’s it. They do make small fires for the cold, but at one point, someone is in a river in the dead of winter in the middle of Alaska, gets out, and is completely fine with it. In fact he ditches his coat and continues on.

This movie isn’t a totally loss, some of the scenes were pretty intense and very gripping. But unfortunately the gripping scenes are followed by almost comedic wolf attacks.

Grey 1 590x484 Liam Neeson, Wolf Hunter. The Grey Review

Um dude…you got something on your back.

Overall, the movie is alright, you just have to get past the whole it trying to be a movie about something that could actually happen, because there’s certainly nothing “real” about this movie. I wouldn’t pay to see it, and if you don’t see it in general, I think you’ll be just fine continuing on with your life.


6 Liam Neeson, Wolf Hunter. The Grey Review



G.I.A Rating: 6/10

MPAA Rating: R

Runtime: 117 min.

More information on The Grey can be found on their website at


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